Non-Partisan Solidarity Union

Non-Partisan Solidarity Union
Non-Partisan Solidarity Union
Leader Lin Pin-Kuan
Founded June 15, 2004
Headquarters Taipei City, Republic of China
International affiliation none
Legislative Yuan
3 / 113
Politics of the Republic of China
Political parties
Non-Partisan Solidarity Union
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese

The Non-Partisan Solidarity Union (Chinese: 無黨團結聯盟) is a political party in the Republic of China on Taiwan. It was established on June 15, 2004, led by founding Chairwoman Chang Po-ya and emerged a major player in the national political scene during the 2004 Legislative Yuan election, with 26 candidates running for local constituency and aboriginal seats and 6 others nominated for proportional representation seats. It won six seats in the 6th Legislative Yuan and three seats in the 7th Legislative Yuan. It does not ally itself with either the Pan-Blue Coalition or Pan-Green Coalition nor make any statements regarding the political status of Taiwan.

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