List of endangered species in Virginia

List of endangered species in Virginia

Below is a list of the endangered and threatened animal and plant species in the Commonwealth of Virginia, United States.



* Gray bat ("Myotis grisescens")
* Indiana bat ("Myotis sodalis")
* Virginia big-eared bat ("Corynorhinus townsendii virginianus")
* North American Cougar ("Puma concolor couguar")
* West Indian manatee ("Trichechus manatus")
* Dismal Swamp southeastern shrew ("Sorex longirostris fisheri")
* Delmarva Peninsula fox squirrel ("Sciurus niger cinereus")
* Virginia northern flying squirrel ("Glaucomys sabrinus fuscus")
* Fin whale ("Balaenoptera physalus")
* Humpback whale ("Megaptera novaeangliae")
* Right whale ("Balaena glacialis")


* Piping plover ("Charadrius melodus")
* Roseate tern ("Sterna dougallii dougallii")
* Red-cockaded woodpecker ("Picoides borealis")
* Kirtland’s Warbler ("Dendroica kirtlandii")bald eagle


* Green sea turtle ("Chelonia mydas")
* Hawksbill turtle ("Eretmochelys imbricata")
* Kemp's ridley ("Lepidochelys kempii")
* Leatherback sea turtle ("Dermochelys coriacea")
* Loggerhead sea turtle ("Caretta caretta")
* Bog turtle ("Clemmys muhlenbergii")


* Shenandoah salamander ("Plethodon shenandoah")


* Slender chub ("Erimystax cahni")
* Spotfin chub ("Cyprinella monacha")
* Duskytail darter ("Etheostoma percnurum")
* Roanoke logperch ("Percina rex")
* Shortnose sturgeon ("Acipenser brevirostrum")
* Blackside dace ("Phoxinus cumberlandensis")


* Northeastern beach tiger beetle ("Cicindela dorsalis dorsalis")
* Mitchell’s satyr ("Neonympha mitchellii")


* Lee County cave isopod ("Lirceus usdagalun")
* Madison cave isopod ("Antrolana lira")


* Virginia fringed mountain snail ("Polygyriscus virginianus")


* Purple bean ("Villosa perpurpurea")
* Cumberlandian combshell ("Epioblasma brevidens")
* Fanshell ("Cyprogenia stegaria")
* Yellowfin madtom ("Noturus flavipinnis")
* Appalachian monkeyface ("Quadrula sparsa")
* Cumberland monkeyface ("Quadrula intermedia")
* Pink mucket ("Lampsilis abrupta")
* Oyster mussel ("Epioblasma capsaeformis")
* Birdwing pearlymussel ("Conradilla caelata")
* Cracking pearly mussel ("Hemistena lata")
* Dromedary pearly mussel ("Dromus dromas")
* Green blossom pearlymussel ("Epioblasma torulosa gubernaculum")
* Littlewing pearlymussel ("Pegias fabula")
* Fine-rayed pigtoe ("Fusconaia cuneolus")
* Rough pigtoe ("Pleurobema plenum")
* Shiny pigtoe ("Fusconaia cor")
* Rough rabbitsfoot ("Quadrula cylindrica strigillata")
* Tan riffleshell ("Epioblasma florentina walkeri")
* James River spinymussel ("Pleurobema collina")
* Dwarf wedgemussel ("Alasmidonta heterodon")


* Sensitive joint-vetch ("Aeschynomene virginica")
* Shale barren rock-cress ("Arabis serotina")
* Virginia round-leaf birch ("Betula uber")
* Small-anthered bittercress ("Cardamine micranthera")
* Smooth purple coneflower ("Echinacea laevigata")
* Virginia sneezeweed ("Helenium virginicum")
* Swamp pink ("Helonias bullata")
* Peter's Mountain mallow ("Iliamna corei")
* Small whorled pogonia ("Isotria medeoloides")
* Eastern prairie fringed orchid ("Platanthera leucophaea")
* Michaux's sumac ("Rhus michauxii")
* American chaffseed ("Schwalbea americana")
* Northeastern bulrush ("Scirpus ancistrochaetus")
* Virginia spiraea ("Spiraea virginiana")


* [ USFWS Threatened and Endangered Species System (TESS) for Virginia]

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