The term bloom usually refers to the general expression describing the aesthetic experience of one or more flowers on a flowering plant. Also used as a metaphor for young people at the peak of their beauty or health. See also Blossom.

Bloom or blooming can also refer to the following:

cience and nature

* "Bloom", an unconsolidated mass of iron metal, mixed with remains of slag and charcoal that is produced in the 'bloomery' process, i.e. the direct reduction of iron metal from terrestrial ores by smeltin] . The same term is used for a similar mass of iron metal produced in the finery process.
* "Bloom", the name for a section of steel which is 630mm wide, 400mm high and 6m long (compare with billet and slab)
* Bloom filter, a probabilistic method to find a subset of a given set
* Blooming (laser), an effect of laser beams and particle beams in air (see Directed-energy weapon#Blooming)
* Bloom (shader effect), a graphics effect used in modern 3D computer games
* Bloom (test), a test to measure the strength of a gel or gelatin
* Charge-coupled device bloom, a property of CCD image sensors that causes charge from the potential well of one pixel to overflow into others


* "Bloom", a large swarm (or "smack") of jellyfish
* Algal bloom
* "Bloom", a white or bluish covering on fruit such as plums or grapes. Once thought to be wild yeast cells, it is now known to be waxy coverings to the epidermal cells of the fruit, presumably intended to provide some protection from environmental damage.

People named Bloom

*Allan Bloom (1930-1992), American philosopher and author
*Benjamin Bloom (1913-1999), American educator
*Bobby Bloom (1946-1974), American singer songwriter best known for one hit wonder "Montego Bay" in 1970
*Claire Bloom (born 1931), British actor
*David Bloom (1963–2003), NBC journalist
*Harold Bloom (born 1930), American literary critic
*Harry Bloom (1913-1981), South African novelist and activist
*Howard Bloom (born 1943), American author
*Jeremy Bloom (born 1982), American athlete
*John Bloom (born 1931), British entrepreneur
*Leopold Bloom, fictional character in James Joyce's "Ulysses"
*Luka Bloom (born 1955), Irish musician
*Matthew Bloom (born 1972), American wrestler
*Molly Bloom, fictional character in James Joyce's "Ulysses"
*Orlando Bloom (born 1977), English actor
*Ursula Bloom (1892-1984), English writer
*Verna Bloom, American actress, best known for role in "Animal House"


*Bloom, Kansas, United States


* "Bloom" (novel), a science fiction novel by Wil McCarthy
* Bloom (Winx Club), a fictional character from the "Winx Club" animated series
* "Bloom County", American comic strip by Berkeley Breathed
* Club Blooming, a football (soccer) club and academy from Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia


*Bloom (store), a U.S. supermarket chain operated by Food Lion LLC

Other uses

*"Blooming", a less offensive version of the term "Bloody"
*Bloom, may refer to a distinctive mould on the rinds of some cheeses.

ee also

*Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

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