Pelgrane Press

Pelgrane Press

Pelgrane Press Ltd is a British role-playing game publishing company based in London and founded in 1999. It is owned by Simon J Rogers, Sasha Bilton and its sister company ProFantasy Software. It currently produces the Dying Earth Roleplaying Game, GUMSHOE System and related products.


* Dying Earth Roleplaying Game


GUMSHOE is a system designed by Robin D. Laws for running investigative, clue-finding games more successfully than previous systems. The main conceit is that if characters use the correct skill they "will" find any core clue that is relevant. This is no failure or missed clues.

* The Esoterrorists
* Fear Itself
* Book of Unremitting Horror
* The Trail of Cthulhu
* Mutant City Blues

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