Child Workers in Asia

Child Workers in Asia

Child Workers in Asia (CWA) - association of about 70 non-governmental organizations and groups, defending rights of children in the sphere of child labour in 14 countries. Established in 1985 as a support group[1].

It facilitates sharing of experiences between NGOs and enforce their collaboration in the joint efforts against the exploitation of working children in the Asian region.


  • To promote the rights of working children within the contexts of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the ILO Conventions related to child labour;
  • To raise awareness and influence public opinion regarding child labour exploitation;
  • To provide a channel of communication and facilitate the sharing of information, materials, experiences and resources among people and organisations who are involved in child labour issues at various levels;
  • To co-ordinate action between NGOs in the region;
  • To assist and facilitate the formation of support groups for child workers at the country level;
  • To seek new ways for the protection of child workers and the prevention of child labour exploitation.

Programs and activities

(Mekong region, South Asia)

  • Capacity Building for NGOs
    • Participatory research with children
    • Advocacy and social mobilization
    • Children's Participation
  • Promotion of Children's Participation
    • National Leadership Trainings for Child Workers (at least 6 countries)
    • Regional Leadership Training of Child Workers
    • Facilitators' Training at National Levels
    • Development of Manuals for use in Promoting Children's Participation
  • Research, Documentation, and Information Dissemination
    • CWA Newsletter - NGO and children's perspectives and experiences
    • Research - children and education, children in agriculture, child labour policies, girl labourers
    • Reports on Child Labour
  • Advocacy and Lobbying
    • Participation in regional and international advocacy actions for children
    • Regional workshops to discuss international instruments and their use for local campaigns and lobby
    • Building of working relationships with regional and international policy and program formulating bodies.


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