Law enforcement in the Azores

Law enforcement in the Azores

Law enforcement in the Azores is the responsibility of the Azorean police, which has grown out of the shadow of the secret police forces operating under Portuguese dictator Antonio de Oliveira Salazar. However since the Carnation revolution in 1974, the police force has undergone a number of reforms to regain the trust of the local populace in this autonomous region of Portugal. [News article [ "The 'old ways' have changed in the old country"] , 1995, retrieved May 29 2007] Under the Azorean Regional Commander of Police, the Azorean police force polices a population of 240,000 people over an area of 2,333 km² on behalf of the Polícia de Segurança Pública and Portuguese Republican National Guard. Of the latter, it is the Fiscal Brigade that is responsible for the customs and border patrol.

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