Lieutenant General (Australia)

Lieutenant General (Australia)

:"See Lieutenant General for other countries which use this rank"Lieutenant General (abbreviated LTGEN) is the second-highest active rank of the Australian Army and was created as a direct equivalent of the British military rank of Lieutenant General. It is also considered a 3 star rank.

The rank of Lieutenant General is held by the Chief of Army. The rank is also held when an army officer is the Vice Chief of the Defence Force, the Chief of Joint Operations Australia, or the Chief of Capability Development.

Lieutenant General is a higher rank than Major General, but lower than General. Lieutenant General is the equivalent of Vice Admiral in the Royal Australian Navy and Air Marshal in the Royal Australian Air Force

The insignia for a Lieutenant General is the crown of St Edward above a crossed sword and baton. [Australian Army officer rank insignia are identical to British Army officer rank insignia, with the difference that Australian insignia have the word "Australia" below them.]

Current Australian Lieutenant Generals

There are currently three Lieutenant Generals in the Australian Defence Force: [The fourth 3-star position possibly available to an Australian Lieutenant General, (Chief of Capability Development), is currently held by VADM Matt Tripovich]
*Ken Gillespie - Chief of Army
*David Hurley - Vice Chief of the Defence Force
*Mark Evans - Chief of Joint Operations (CJOPS)

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