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The County of Coimbra (Portuguese: Condado de Coimbra) was a political entity instituted as a subsidiary county for the prince Ardavast or Sisebuto son of King Wittiza until the fall of Visigothic Hispania by Abderraman III ruler of Al-Andalus. The first counts established a long and great dynasty which were several families and dynasty root of Spain. The first Count of Coimbra Tributary was the prince Sisebuto and this county was settled in that would be future Kingdom of Galicia in the Iberian Peninsula, and in what is today central Portugal. It was established in the 8th century. However it was reconquered by the Moors of Al-Mansur in 987, transforming the northern County of Portugal into a defensive border territory. It was made of the lands of Coimbra, Viseu, Lamego and Santa Maria da Feira.

The city of Coimbra was definitively secured by the Christians in 1064 (conquered by Ferdinand the Great of León, Galicia and Castile, along with the Mozarab Sisnando Davides) and was eventually incorporated in the territory of the Second County of Portugal when it was restored in 1096. Their mozarab inhabitants continued to live segregated from the peoples of Northern Portugal, during the reign of Afonso I, 1st King of Portugal.[citation needed]

List of counts

Counts of the Christians of Coimbra
  • Prince of Hispania Flávio Ardavast or Sizibuto ou Sisebuto of Coimbra, (682 - 734), (Son of King Wittiza).
  • Flávio Ataulfo of Coimbra - Count and Sharif ( Duke ).
  • Flávio Alarico or Atanarico of Coimbra (732 - 805).
  • Flávio Athanarico of Coimbra.
  • Flávio Teudo ou Theodósio of Coimbra. (790 -?).
  • Flávio Hermenegildo I of Coimbra. ( The displaced ).
Dukes of Galicia
  • Gutierre Hermenegildes of Coimbra.( Settler of Astorga ).
  • Aloito, Osorio, Hermenegildo Gutierrez (878-920); ( Conquer of Coimbra ) Dux Bellorum of Coimbra and Alderman of Galleica and Count of Portugal.
Counts and Dukes of Coimbra
  • Hermenegildo Gutierrez (878-920); ( Conquer of Coimbra ) Dux Bellorum of Coimbra.
  • Árias Mendes - Gutierre Melende Duke of Galicia, Count of Celanova e Emineu.
  • Gonzalo Moniz - Froila Gutierre Melende ( Counts of Coimbra-Celanova, Source of House of Traba and Mariño lineage).
  • Múnio Gonzalves (983-990).
  • Froila Gonzalves (990-1017).
  • Mendo Luz (1017–1034).
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