Skyhawk (comics)

Skyhawk (comics)

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character_name = Skyhawk

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publisher = Marvel Comics
debut = "Thor" #395
(September 1988)
creators = Tom DeFalco (writer)
Ron Frenz (artist)
alter_ego = Winston Manchester
full_name =
species =
homeworld =
alliances = Earth Force
partners =
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Skyhawk is a fictional character published by Marvel Comics. He first appeared in "Thor" #395, (September 1988), and was created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz.

Publication history

Skyhawk first appeared in "Thor" #395 (September 1988), and was created by Tom DeFalco (writer) and Ron Frenz (artist).

The character subsequently appears in "Thor" #396-399 (October 1988-January 1989), #426 (November 1990), "Thor Annual" #16 (1991), "Thor" #456 (December 1992), and "Civil War: Front Line" #11 (April 2007).

Skyhawk appeared as part of the "Earth Force" entry in the "Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89" #2.

Fictional character biography

Winston Manchester was a businessman working in New York City, who had been hospitalized from overwork. The death god Seth brought Kyle Brock, Winston Manchester, and Pamela Shaw to his own "dimension of death," healed them, and gave them superhuman powers. Seth employed these three humans, now known as Earth Force, as pawns for vengeance until Thor exposed Seth's evil nature to them.


Skyhawk and the Earth Force have been identified as a superhero registered with The Initiative, and stationed in Washington state.

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