List of universities in Scotland

List of universities in Scotland

The following is a list of universities in Scotland, detailing the year of foundation, the location and other information.

The oldest university in Scotland is the University of St Andrews, established in 1413, while the newest is the Queen Margaret University, converted in 2007.


*University of St Andrews, St Andrews, Fife estb. 1413
*University of Glasgow, Glasgow estb. 1451
*University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen estb. 1495
*University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh estb. 1583
*University of Strathclyde, Glasgow estb. 1964 (1796)
*Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh estb. 1966 (1821)
*University of Dundee, Dundee estb. 1967 (1882)
*University of Stirling, Stirling estb. 1967
*Napier University, Edinburgh estb. 1992 (1964)
*Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen estb. 1992 (1750)
*University of the West of Scotland, Renfrewshire estb. 1992 (1897) (Known as University of Paisley until 2007)
*Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow estb. 1993 (1875)
*University of Abertay Dundee, Dundee estb. 1994 (1888)
*Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh estb. 2007 (1875)

Where two years are listed above the first gives the year the institution became a University while the date in parenthesis indicates the year the institution was established in another form (For example if it was previously a College or a Central Institution)

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