Program-associated data

Program-associated data

Program Associated Data (PAD) or Program Service Data (PSD) is a concept related to broadcasting which consists of a number of different fields or streams which are displayed on many HD Radio & satellite radio receivers in order to describe the program being transmitted, including different information such as:

* song title.
* program title.
* artist name.
* album name.
* music genre.

This is intended to be seen by the listener as the program is heard.

The HD radio & satellite radio systems provides a data path for this programming data to be delivered and read by the listener as part of visual display in near real time. HD radio & satellite radio receivers should provide PAD decoders and visual screens for displaying the information in a correct way.

A lot of local radios which are transmitting in digital, are using PAD capacity to increase the value of the service they are giving.

This is different from Radio Data System (RDS).

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