Asuristan (Assyria) was a province of the Sassanid Empire (226–651). The territory was taken during the fall of the Parthian Empire. The Sassanians renamed Babylon, to Asuristan. [] [ [ Iran: Sasanian Empire - Britannica Online Encyclopedia ] ] The region was previously known as Mesopotamia and is nowadays known as Iraq. [ [ History of Iran: Median Empire ] ] The province for the most part streched from Mosul to Adiabene. [The Decline of Iranshahr: Irrigation and Environments in the History of the Middle East, By Peter Christensen. Page 291-292] While the official religion of the Sassanid empire was Zoroastrians during the third and fourth century, Jews and Christians outnumbered them in the Asuristan province. [ [ The Fire, the Star and the Cross: Minority Religions in Medieval and Early Modern Iran, By Aptin Khanbaghi, page 6] ] Its inhabitants were mostly working as agricultural. [ [ The Cambridge History of Iran edited by W.B. Fischer, Ilya Gershevitch, Ehsan Yarshster] ]

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*Assyria (Persian province)
*Assyria (Roman province)
*Sennacherib II

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* [ The Shahr (province) of Asuristan]


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