European lawyer

European lawyer

A European lawyer, beyond the self-evident definition of 'a lawyer in Europe', also refers to a specific provision under European Communities (Services of Lawyers) Order 1978, which permits a lawyer to practice in European countries they are not licensed in.

The order contains a list of countries of origin and the designations which the order applies to, for example , a professional "entitled to pursue his professional activities" [ "Annex 10A European Communities (Services of Lawyers) Order 1978"] ] as either a "asianajaja" or an "advokat" in Finland, may practice Europe-wide as an "European lawyer".

The order also imposes limitations on the types of legal work which may be carried out by such persons. European lawyers practicing outside their country of origin must be associated with appropriate co-counsel and upon demand by a competent authority they must verify their status.

Professions Applicable to EU Order

The full list of professions to whom the title 'European Lawyer' is applicable follows;


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