The word aina may refer to:
* "Aina (film)", a 1966 Pakistani film
* "Aina (film)", a 1977 Pakistani film
* Aina (singer), a Norwegian rock singer, who released three albums (1984 - In Ten Pieces / 1985 - Target Practice / 1988 - Living In A Boy's World, re-release 2005) and now lives as a photographer in Los Angeles.
* "Aaina", a 1993 Hindi/Urdu Bollywood film
* Aina (band), a progressive metal supergroup, and their album, "Aina, Days of Rising Doom"
* Aina (Spanish band), a post-rock band from Barcelona, Spain, signed to "Bcore Disc"
* AINA (organization), a French non-governmental organization based in Kabul
* Association of Inland Navigation Authorities, Membership organisation for navigation authorities in the United Kingdom
* Aina, feminine name in Mallorca, Finland and some African tribes
* Aina, pseudonym of Finnish writer Edith Forssman (1856-1928)
* Assyrian International News Agency

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