Infobox Song
Name = Anesthetize

Artist = Porcupine Tree
Album = Fear of a Blank Planet
Released = flagicon|EU April 16, 2007
flagicon|USA April 24, 2007
flagicon|JPN April 25, 2007
flagicon|Canada May 1, 2007
track_no = 3
Recorded = October - December 2006
Genre = Progressive rock
Length = 17:42
Writer = Steven Wilson
prev = My Ashes
prev_no = 2
next = Sentimental
next_no = 4
"Anesthetize" is a Porcupine Tree song. It is the third track on the 2007 album "Fear of a Blank Planet". It is the longest song on this album, clocking in at 17:42, this makes "Fear of a Blank Planet" the studio album containing the longest composition since 1995's "The Sky Moves Sideways", not counting Voyage 34 (Phase III) in "" since it is a compilation album.

Steven Wilson wrote "Anesthetize" during February, 2006 in Tel Aviv, at the time he was working on the second Blackfield album [cite web | url = | title = - Interviews - Porcupine Tree lead guitarist/singer/songwriter Steven Wilson | accessdate = 2007-06-26] .

The song can be split into three sections, and in the album booklet, asterisk markings separate the lyrics to each of the sections. These sections are not named in the booklet, although during their BBC Radio 1 Rock Show performance, Gavin Harrison revealed that part two is called "The Pills I'm Taking". The song "What Happens Now?" from "Nil Recurring" EP uses a sample of the opener riff for this second movement.

The song's first section features a guitar solo by Alex Lifeson of Canadian progressive rock band Rush.

The full-length live projection for this song comes on the "Fear of a Blank Planet" DVD-A edition as a bonus feature.

"Anesthetize" was voted "Best track of 2007" by readers of the Dutch Progressive Rock Page. [cite web|url =|title = DPRPoll 2007 Results|accessdate =2008-04-05]


*Steven Wilson - vocals, guitar
*Richard Barbieri - keyboards
*Colin Edwin - bass
*Gavin Harrison - drums
*Alex Lifeson - guitar solo
*John Wesley - backing vocals


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* [ PMW Creative - Fear of a Blank Planet Gallery] - official image stills and footage from the video

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