Horn (diacritic)

Horn (diacritic)

acute( ´ )
double acute( ˝ )
grave( ` )
double grave(  ̏ )
breve( ˘ )
inverted breve(  ̑ )
caron / háček( ˇ )
cedilla / cédille( ¸ )
circumflex / vokáň( ˆ )
dot( · )
hook / dấu hỏi(  ̉ )
horn / dấu móc(  ̛ )
macron( ¯ )
ogonek / nosinė( ˛ )
ring / kroužek( ˚, ˳ )
rough breathing / dasia( )
smooth breathing / psili( ᾿ )
diaeresis (diaeresis/umlaut)( ¨ )
Marks sometimes used as diacritics
apostrophe( )
bar( | )
colon( : )
comma( , )
hyphen( ˗ )
tilde( ~ )
titlo(  ҃ )
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Ơ ơ
Ư ư

The horn (Vietnamese dấu móc) is a diacritic mark attached to the top right corner of the letters o and u in the Vietnamese alphabet to give ơ and ư, unrounded variants of the vowel represented by the basic letter. In Vietnamese, it is rarely considered a separate diacritic; rather, the characters ơ and ư are considered separate from o and u.


In Unicode, horn is encoded as a combining mark, and precomposed letters.

  • U+031B  ̛  combining horn (HTML: ̛ )

The Unicode and HTML codes for letters with a horn are:

  • U+01A0 Ơ latin capital letter o with horn (HTML: Ơ )
  • U+01A1 ơ latin small letter o with horn (HTML: ơ )


  • U+01AF Ư latin capital letter u with horn (HTML: Ư )
  • U+01B0 ư latin small letter u with horn (HTML: ư )

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Letters using horn sign ( ◌̛ )
Ơơ Ưư

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