Fairy (disambiguation)

Fairy (disambiguation)

The word fairy (faery, faerie, Faërie) may mean:

*Fairy, a spirit or supernatural being in late Medieval folklore and romance. Also known as 'elves with wings'.
**more generally, such beings in the folklore of various cultures, see list of beings referred to as fairies
*the "land of Faerie", see Alfheim.
*Fantasy fiction as a literary genre.
*The Faerie faith, a Neopagan tradition emphasizing the ancient meaning of "fae", rather than the modern diminutive "fairy"
**Feri Tradition, a neopagan tradition with similar but distinct tenets
*Radical Faeries, an organization mostly of gay men.
*Flower fairies, tiny creatures that live in the bottom of gardens, the middle of grassy meadows, and on the edge of distant marshes.

Plants and animals

* fairy slipper
*Fairy Tern

Popular culture

*Fairy chess piece, any unorthodox piece used in a chess variant
*Fairy (detergent), a brand name for several detergent products made by Procter & Gamble
*Fairy Margarine, an Australian brand of margarine, marketed in some countries as "Krona" to avoid conflict with the detergents
*Fairy (gay slang), a slang term, often used disparaging referring to gay or effeminate men and LGBT people. The term has also been re-appropriated by LGBT communities; for example, Radical faeries.
*Faerie, a magical realm in the DC comics "The Sandman", "The Books of Faerie" and "The Books of Magic".


*"Faeries" (television), starring Hans Conried
*"Faeries" (film), starring Kate Winslet.
*Fairy (Artemis Fowl) From the series of Artemis Fowl.


* Fairey Aviation Company, a British aircraft manufacturer which produced numerous types of military (mostly naval) aircraft:
**The Fairey Battle
**The Fairey Swordfish
**The Fairey Albacore
**The Fairey Barracuda
**The Fairey Firefly
**The Fairey Fulmar
**The Fairey Gannet
**The Fairey Delta
**The Fairey Rotodyne

ee also

*Fey (disambiguation)

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