Poxvirus AX element late mRNA cis-regulatory element

Poxvirus AX element late mRNA cis-regulatory element

This family represents a cis-regulatory element present at the 3' ends of poxvirus late mRNAs and is known as the AX element. The AX element is involved in directing the efficient production and orientation-dependent formation of late RNAs. [cite journal | last = Howard | first = ST | coauthors = Ray CA, Patel DD, Antczak JB, Pickup DJ | year = 1999 | title = A 43-nucleotide RNA cis-acting element governs the site-specific formation of the 3' end of a poxvirus late mRNA | journal = Virology | volume = 255 | pages = 190–204 | pmid = 10049834 | doi = 10.1006/viro.1998.9547]


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