Ribert and Robert's Wonderworld

Ribert and Robert's Wonderworld

"Ribert and Robert's Wonderworld" is a children's educational television series that is part animated, part live action. It was created by Mike DeVitto. As of May 2007, the series airs on over 120 public television stations in North America.


The series revolves around Ribert, a young animated toad who wants to know "everything", and Robert, his human friend, as they spend each episode learning about different topics against the backdrop of a magical island amusement park, known as WonderWorld. The show's tagline is: "The first show a kid can ride!"

Episode Format

Each episode follows a general format, concentrating on a single topic. Ribert is curious by nature, and he "wants to know everything", according to the song he sings at the start of each episode. Robert, a human, is his best friend and partner. He's the one who pilots the roller coaster car Ribert and his viewers (known as Power Pals) ride as they learn about the day's topic.

Ribert tells Robert what he wants to learn about that day. Subjects have included birthdays, dinosaurs, "being safe" and "being a good friend". Robert powers up the roller coaster car and Ribert (along with the Power Pals), put on their safety helmets as the journey begins.

The objective of each episode is to solve three "challenges" as the roller coaster car travels the track in the Wonderworld amusement park. Three times over the course of the episode, Robert asks the Power Pals a question, and once it's answered correctly, the Power Pals are given a "magic key", called in order Jenn, Lee and Tiffany. Ribert asks each "magic key" to open a door for him, and everyone is treated to a visit by human "friends", who perform a skit or task describing the day's subject matter. One of the doors is usually occupied by Cousin Chris, who draws a picture related to the day's topic. After each presentation, Ribert and Robert discuss it together before the roller coaster car moves to the next challenge.

After all three "magic keys" are obtained, a "secret word" is revealed that is in line with the day's subject. Clues to the "secret word" are provided to the Power Pals during the course of the episode. Upon the completion of the mission, Ribert and Robert say goodbye to the Power Pals with a song.

Cast and Principal Crew

*Ribert - voiced by Jessikah Lopez
*Robert - James Bondy
*Cousin Chris - Chris Allard
*Magic Matt (magician) - Matt Roberts
*Dara Duck - Dara Bourne
*Leeny (the story performer) - Leeny Del Seamonds
*Vanessa (dance partner) - Vanessa Logan
*Joan and Friends - Joan Kennedy,Jeffery McIlwain, Con Fullam, Grace Katherine Stacey
*Professor Expound - Mark Scalia
*Erin (the game girl) - Erin Horne
*Kids' Voices - Luis Branco, Jr., Rachel Estremera and Nicole Branco

*Created, Produced and Directed by Mike DeVitto
*Written by Mike DeVitto and Jen DeVitto
*Executive Producers - Mike DeVitto, Con Fullam and Greg Gormican
*Music and Sound - Michael McInnis
*Live-Action Supervision - Jamie Norton and Mike DeVitto
*Technical Director - Jim Grotto
*Animation Director - Jamie Norton and Melissa Napier
*Creative Director - Chris Allard
*Design and Support - Dick Campbell and Dennis Gilbert

Sound recorded at Michael McInnis Productions, Portland, Maine

Songs by Pat Conway Fullam and Michael McInnis

Presented by Deos Animation Studios and American Public Television


* [http://www.ribert.com/ Official Show Website]
* [http://www.aptonline.org/ American Public Television website]

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