New Communist Party Of The Netherlands

New Communist Party Of The Netherlands

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party_name = Nieuwe Communistische Partij Nederland
party_wikicolourid =NCPN
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foundation = 1992
merger = former CPN members , VCN
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international = International Conference of Communist & Workers Parties, International Communist Seminar
ideology = Communism, Marxism-Leninism
position = Left
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colours = Red
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website = []
The New Communist Party Of The Netherlands ("Nieuwe Communistische Partij Nederland") is a Dutch communist political party, founded in 1992 by the VCN and former members of the CPN.

The NCPN publishes a newspaper titled "Manifest" (Manifesto) which appears once every four weeks, with news from inside and outside the nation, as well as important theoretical contributions. Manifest was founded as an independent communist newspaper in 1982. After the founding of the VCN, a predecessor to the NCPN, it became its official organ.

The NCPN is a nation wide party. It has local representation in several municipalities and branches all over the country.


In 1982 a group of members inside the Communist Party of the Netherlands founded the newspaper Manifest, out of discontent with the CPN leadership. In 1984 this group founded the VCN; "League of Communists in the Netherlands". After the formal dissolution of the CPN in 1992 the VCN, together with groups of former members of the CPN, founded the NCPN. The CPN dissolved in order to make place for a new political party, GroenLinks(GreenLeft), an alliance in which the CPN has participated since the 1980's.

In 1999 the local branch of the NCPN in the municipality of Scheemda split from the party and continued as the "Verenigde Communistische Partij" (United Communist Party). It is unclear whether this party operates outside of Scheemda as well.


In the 2006 municipal elections the party contested the following municipalities:
*Amersfoort, 242 votes (0.4%), 0 seats
*Amsterdam, 490 votes (0.2%), 0 seats
*Enschede, 291 votes (0.5%), 0 seats
*Groningen, 539 votes (0.6%), 0 seats
*Heiloo, 1025 votes (9.2%), 1 seat (there were enough votes for a second seat, but the party listed only 1 candidate).
*Lemsterland, 1038 votes (16.3%), 3 seats
*Reiderland, 621 votes (18.3%), 2 seats

A dissident communist list scored 10,4% in the municipality of Scheemda.


The NCPN has participated in the annual Brussels Seminar and the annual International Conference of Communist and Workers' Parties.


A youth organization, Communistische Jongeren Beweging, was founded on September 21 2003. Members of the CJB are not automatically members of the NCPN, as the CJB is an independent organisation.

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