Principality of Piombino

Principality of Piombino

The Principality of Piombino was a state of Italy, which existed (initially as independent lordship) from 1399 to 1805, when Napoleon absorbed it into the Principate of Lucca and Piombino.

This state was in turn soon split, and Piombino in 1815 went to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

List of rulers of Piombino

Lords of Piombino - Appiani dynasty

*Gherardo 1399-1404
*Iacopo II 1404-1441
*Paola Appiani Colonna 1441-1445
*Rinaldo Orsini 1445-1450
*Caterina 1445-1451
*Emanuele 1451-1457
*Iacopo III 1457-1474
*Iacopo IV 1474-1511
*Iacopo V 1511-1545
*Iacopo VI 1545-1585
*Alessandro 1585-1589

Princes and princesses of Piombino

*Iacopo VII Appiani 1589-1603
*Rudolf of Habsburg [Holy Roman Emperor] 1603-1611
*Isabella Appiani 1611-1628
*Philip of Habsburg [King of Spain]
*Niccolò I Ludovisi 1634-1664
*Giovan Battista Ludovisi 1664-1699
*Niccolò II Ludovisi [under the regency of his mother Anna Maria Arduino] 1699-1700
*Olimpia Ludovisi 1700-1700
*Ippolita Ludovisi [With Gregorio I Boncompagni as co-regent from 1701] 1701-1733
*Maria Eleonora I Boncompagni 1734-1745
*Gaetano I Boncompagni-Ludovisi 1745-1777
*Antonio I Boncompagni-Ludovisi 1778-1805 [Stripped of government by French troops in 1799 and 1801]
*Elisa Baciocchi Bonaparte 1805-1808 [Also Princess of Lucca, under Napoleonic control]
*Felice Boncompagni-Ludovisi 1808-1814

ee also

*Grand Duchy of Tuscany


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* [ Boncompagni genealogy]

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