Schilling (disambiguation)

Schilling (disambiguation)

Schilling generally refers to the Austrian schilling but may also refer to:
* "Schilling & Company", see McCormick & Company
* Schilling Power Station, an oil-fired power station near the proximity of the nuclear power station at Stade
* Several Swiss illustrated chronicles by Schilling of Solothurn:
** Berner Schilling
** Luzerner Schilling
** Spiezer Schilling
** Zürcher Schilling

Schilling is the surname of:
* Christian Schwarz-Schilling (born 1930), German politician
* Curt Schilling, American Major League Baseball player
* David C. Schilling
* Frank Schilling Internet investor
* Jeffrey Schilling
* Jörg Schilling
* Pavel Schilling, Estonian-German Russian diplomat
* Peter Schilling (born 1956), German synthpop musician

See also

* Shilling
* Schilling test in medicine
* Salina Municipal Airport, formerly Schilling Airforce Base
* Skilling (Scandinavian monetary unit)

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