European Union Force

European Union Force

EUFOR or European Union Force is a term used to describe European Union military deployments, and has been used four times so far, in FYROM from March 2003 to December 2003 as EUFOR Concordia, in Bosnia from 2004 as EUFOR Althea, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2006, and in Chad and the Central Africa Republic since 2007. EUFOR is a temporary military "deployment", not a permanent military "force", and should not be confused with the Eurocorps or the Helsinki Headline Goal Force Catalogue, sometime misleadingly known as the 'European Rapid Reaction Force'. The name probably was patterned in imitation of NATO's IFOR, SFOR, and KFOR.

EUFOR Althea

EUFOR Althea is a military deployment in Bosnia and Herzegovina to oversee the military implementation of the Dayton Agreement. It is the successor to SFOR and IFOR. The transition from SFOR to EUFOR was largely a change of name and commanders: 80% of the troops remained in place. [BBC: EU troops prepare for Bosnia swap] It replaced the NATO-led SFOR on 2 December 2004.


EUFOR also refers to the EU mission under the auspices and in the framework of MINURCAT in Chad and the Central African Republic, from late 2007 onwards. [ [ EU council adopts military action in Chad, Central African Republic - People's Daily Online ] ]


The acronym EUFOR was also used for a short deployment in 2006 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. On 25 April 2006, the United Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 1671 (2006), authorising the temporary deployment of an EU force to support the United Nations Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUC) during the period encompassing the elections in the DR Congo, which began on 30 July.

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