Montana Republican Party

Montana Republican Party
Montana Republican Party
Chairman William Deschamps
Headquarters 1005 Partrige Ste #4
Helena, MT 59602
Ideology American Conservatism
American conservatism
Social conservatism
Fiscal conservatism
Economic liberalism
National affiliation Republican Party
Official colors Red
Politics of the United States
Political parties

The Montana Republican Party (MTGOP) is the affiliate of the United States Republican Party in Montana. The party is led by Chairman William Deschamps (Missoula) and Vice Chair Christy Clark (Choteau). The National Committeeman is Errol Galt (Martinsdale) and the National Committeewoman is Betti Hill (Helena). The MTGOP is located in Helena, Montana and is a private company organized of political organizations which include political action groups, political advocacy groups, political interest groups, and other types of political organizations. [1]

Gary K. Carlson was the 2010 Executive Director[2]. He replaced Max Hunsaker in January.

Republican John McCain won Montana in 2008 with 49.43% of the total statewide vote over Democrat Barack Obama who received 47.17%, a 2.4-percent margin of victory for the senior U.S. Senator from Arizona.


Current elected officers

Office Name County
Chair William Deschamps Missoula
Vice Chair Christy Clark Teton
Secretary Cynthia Johnson Pondera
Treasurer Shirley Warehime Lewis & Clark
Assistant Treasurer Lorna Kuney Lewis & Clark
National Committeeman Errol Galt Meagher
National Committeewoman Betti Hill Lewis & Clark

Current elected officials

The Montana Republican party controls one of the six statewide offices and holds majorities in the Montana House of Representatives and Senate. It also holds the state's at-large congressional district.

Member of Congress

U.S. House of Representatives

Statewide offices

Legislative leaders

Members of the Montana Senate

District Senator Residence
1 Aubyn Curtiss Fortine
2 Ryan Zinke Whitefish
3 Bruce Tutvedt Kalispell
4 Gregory Barkus Kalispell
5 Verdell Jackson Kalispell
6 John Brueggeman Polson
7 Greg Hinkle Thompson Falls
9 Rick Ripley Wolf Creek
14 Jerry Black Shelby
15 Jim Peterson Buffalo
18 John Brenden Scobey
19 Donald Steinbeisser Sidney
20 Keith Bales Otter
22 Taylor Brown Huntley
23 Kelly Gephardt Roundup
25 Roy Brown Billings
28 Jeff Essmann Billings
29 Daniel McGee Laurel
30 Robert Story, Jr. Park City
31 John Esp Big Timber
34 Joe Balyeat Bozeman
35 Gary Perry Manhattan
36 Debby Barrett Dillon
39 Terry Murphy Cardwell
42 Dave Lewis Helena
44 Rick Laible Victor
45 Jim Shockley Victor

Members of the Montana House of Representatives

District Representative Residence
1 Gerald Bennett Libby
2 Chas Vincent Libby
3 Dee Brown Hungry Horse
5 Keith Regier Kalispell
6 Bill Beck Whitefish
7 Jon Sonju Kalispell
9 Scott Reichner Bigfork
10 Mark Blasdel Somers
11 Janna Taylor Dayton
13 Pat Ingraham Thompson Falls
14 Gordon Hendrick Superior
17 Russell Bean Augusta
18 Jesse O'Hara Great Falls
19 Mike Milburn Cascade
24 Brian Hoven Great Falls
27 Llew Jones Conrad
28 Roy Hollandsworth Brady
29 Edward Butcher Winifred
30 Dave Kasten Brockway
34 Wendy Warburton Havre
35 Wayne Stahl Saco
37 Walter McNutt Sidney
39 Lee Randall Broadus
43 Duane Ankney Colstrip
44 William Glaser Huntley
45 Tom Berry Roundup
46 Ken Peterson Billings
47 Dennis Himmelberger Billings
50 Tom McGillvray Billings
53 Elsie Arntzen Billings
55 Cary Smith Billings
56 Don Roberts Billings
57 Penny Morgan Billings
58 Krayton Kerns Laurel
60 David Howard Park City
61 Joel Boniek Livingston
67 Gordon Vance Bozeman
68 Scott Sales Bozeman
69 Ted Washburn Bozeman
70 Michael More Gallatin Gateway
71 Bob Wagner Harrison
72 Jeffrey Welborn Dillon
77 Scott Mendenhall Clancy
83 Harry Klock Harlowton
84 Mike Miller Helmville
87 Ron Stoker Darby
88 Bob Lake Hamilton
89 Gary MacLaren Victor
90 Ray Hawk Florence
100 Bill Nooney Missoula

Anti-homosexuality controversy

Despite the legal precedent set in 2003 by Lawrence v. Texas abolishing sodomy laws, the Montana Republican Party provoked outrage when it declared in 2010 "We support the clear will of the people of Montana expressed by legislation to keep homosexual acts illegal." [3]


The Montana Republican Party Platform was adopted June 19, 2010. It shows the Montana Republican Party's support of the Montana and United States Government along with the programs provided to help the citizens of Montana. [4]


The party supports the importance of the agriculture industry. It is the most efficient industry in Montana and the party recommends elimination of programs to help better the industry and support private property rights. [5]

American Indian Affairs

The party supports the governments and legal rights of the American Indian tribes. [6]

Business and labor

The party supports the free market methods and believes it is the best way to distribute the state’s resources and is the best way in setting fair wages and prices that help the citizens of Montana. [7]


The party supports fair and equal enforcement of the law. The citizens have the right to live in a crime free environment. It supports all the programs including truth in sentencing, lifetime supervision for convicted sexual offenders, school safety, homosexual acts, youth court, prison reform, sexual offense victims, restitution, limit appeals, jury authority, seatbelts, cyber crime, drugs and alcohol, medical use of marijuana, and parental rights. [8]

Economic development

The party is in favor of a good state environment for economic development. It believes that there should be business friendly environment promoting the private sector to create jobs for the citizens. Also, attracting more industries and businesses with promoting this business friendly environment in the state of Montana. [9]


The party believes that education is very important. It supports equal access to education for all citizens and want to have highly skilled and educated individuals in Montana. It supports public school funding, local support from the school boards, a basic system of quality schools, educational choice for the parents and children, vocational and technical education, and the Montana university system. [10]

Human services

The party supports family beliefs and values. It believes that treatment and care should be provide to families at all times at the local level. It also wants to work to improve the Montana human service delivery system by providing more services with more participation in each department. [11]

Health care

The party supports Obamacare. It supports all programs that provide care for the elderly, handicapped, services to children and youth, and general public safety and human service issues. [12]


The party agrees with securing the borders and removing all illegal immigrants. It wants the federal government to enforce all laws of illegal immigration to protect the job opportunities to the citizens. [13]

Local government

The party supports all local authorities and wants to give them full control of the local units for being the most responsible and trustworthy people. [14]

National affairs

The party supports individual freedom and liberty to all citizens. It believes in the United States Constitution and that it is the supreme law of the land. It is strongly against any attempts to destroy the United States Constitution amendments. [15]

Natural resources

The party recognizes that Montana has great natural resources and great economic development because of the management and distribution of these natural resources. It supports all programs that protect the environment to keep the natural resources safe. [16]

State administration

The party supports the state constitution and the rights that are provided to the citizens to guarantee protection to these individual rights. These rights should not be undermined by the executive, judicial, or legislative branches of the state government. [17]

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