Frazi heavy fighter

Frazi heavy fighter

Infobox Fictional Spacecraft
name = "Frazi" class fighter

caption = Frazi class heavy fighter
first = Midnight on the Firing Line
last =
affiliation = Narn
launched =
fighters =
auxcraft =
armaments = Light plasma cannons
Missile hardpoints
defense = Armored hull
propulsion = Fusion engine
power = Fusion reactor
mass = 22 metric tons
length = 17m
width =
height =
primeref =
The Frazi class heavy fighter is a mass-produced fighter built for the Narn Regime in the fictional universe of the Babylon 5 television series. It is heavily armored and is capable of surviving multiple hits from enemy fighters, and it can fly in both space and in an atmosphere. However, the Frazi is not as advanced as the fighters for the Centauri, Minbari, or Earth Alliance. The Frazi is slower and less-maneuverable than the fighters from these races, and it is more lightly armed. Even so, a skilled Frazi pilot can still be a deadly opponent, as was shown in several episodes of Babylon 5 which dealt with the Narn-Centauri War.

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