Jùjú music

Jùjú music

Jùjú is a style of Nigerian popular music, derived from traditional Yoruba percussion. It evolved in the 1920s in urban clubs across the countries. The first jùjú recordings were by Tunde King and Ojoge Daniel from the 1920s. The lead and predominant instrument of Jùjú is the Talking drum.

Following World War II, electric instruments began to be included, and pioneering musicians like Tunde Nightingale, Fatai Rolling-Dollar, I. K. Dairo, Dele Ojo, Ayinde Bakare, Adeolu Akinsanya, King Sunny Adé, and Ebenezer Obey made the genre the most popular in Nigeria, incorporating new influences like funk, reggae and Afrobeat and creating new subgenres like yo-pop. This music, unlike apala, sakara, and fuji, was not created by Muslim Yoruba, and is therefore secular. Adé was the first to include the pedal steel guitar, which had previously been used only in American country music.

Jùjú music is performed primarily by artists from the southwestern region of Nigeria, where the Yoruba are the most numerous ethnic group. In performance, audience members commonly shower jùjú musicians with paper money; this tradition is known as "spraying."

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