List of Romani poets

List of Romani poets

This is a list of Romani poets.

*Joaquin Albaicin
*Jánoś Balaś
*Veijo Baltzar
*Rahim Burhan
*Luminita Cioaba
*Emil Demeter
*Olga Demeter-Charskaya
*Ljatif Mefaileskoro Demir
*Rajko Djuric
*Philomena Franz
*Delia Grigore
*Valdemar Kalinin
*Usin Kerim
*Selahetin Kruezi
*Menyhért Lakatos
*Ronald Lee
*Baja Saitovic Lukin
*Djura Makhotin
*Matéo Maximoff
*Mariella Mehr
*Mehmed Merejan
*Jovan Nicolić
*Olga Pankova
*Oleg Petrovich
*Margita Reiznerova
*Ivan Rom-Lebedev
*Ruzdija Sejdovic
*Hedina Sijerčić
*Charlie Smith
*Ceija Stojka
*Katarina Taikon
*Bronisława Wajs

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