Language exchange

Language exchange

Language exchange (sometimes called Tandem language learning) is a method of language learning based on mutual language exchange between (usually two) partners. Ideally, each learner is a native speaker in the language the other wants to learn. Many language schools in the world, as well as many universities, are working with this method.

Several series of tandem handbooks have been published in many languages as a result of the European Union funded projects: [ [ Tandem and eTandem Handbooks and Teacher Guides] ]

* TANDEM International offers language programs at its various schools located around the globe. (See external link below.)
* LINGUA project "International E-Mail Tandem Network" (1994-1996)
* Open and Distance Learning project "Telematics for Autonomous and Intercultural Tandem Learning" (1996-1999).
* LINGUA-D project "Tandem Language Learning Partnerships for Schools" (1998-2000)


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*Language education
*Language school
*Language acquisition

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* [ TANDEMcity Language Exchange Community] Free language exchange site, a project of TANDEM International.

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