Pain (video game)

Pain (video game)

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developer = Idol Minds
publisher = SCE
designer =
version = 1.89
released = flagicon|USA November 29, 2007 [ [ IGN: Pain is Coming ] ]
flagicon|Europe March 20, 2008 [ PlayStation Games & Media - Pain™ ] ]
genre = Action
modes = Single player, Multiplayer=|ratings = ESRB: T (Teen) =PEGI: 16+
platforms = PlayStation 3
media = Download
input = Sixaxis Dualshock 3

"Pain" is a downloadable game on the PlayStation Store.


"Pain" is an inspiration of reckless teen behavior, which revolves around controlled chaos. Gamers attempt as much damage to themselves as possible by flinging themselves from a rubber-band catapult. Using a system similar to the Burnout post-crash system, players will be able to steer their ragdoll to cause havoc, chaos and general mayhem. Pain makes use of the Havok physics engine for all dynamic simulations. The players cannot save replays of their crashes but they are able to move the camera all around their character. Also, the user can move the character around with a force called ooch. the player uses the d-pad to move the character, with each ooch lasting four button presses. If you shake the controller really fast it activates super ooch, which moves the character with more force. This can only be done once per launch.


Playable characters

This is a list of Playable Characters on PAIN.All Downloadable characters cost $0.99.
*Jarvis - A reckless teenager. He will destroy anything in his path, Jarvis never breaks his neck or loses his limbs. It's easy to cringe as he folds into an accordion shape and plows through a plate glass window. [] (Jarvis also has 3 different attires; his normal red tanktop and blue jeans, Ice Tea, his hip-hop rapper attire, and The Dude, his 70's bowling guy attire.)

*Santa - A drunk ex-shopping mall Santa. Most things he says are slurred gibberish. []

*Cookie - A female "helper elf". She has been Naughty. []

*Ed "T-Bone" Haulstein I - Cow fast-food restaurant mascot. He hates his life. He is the only other character that is available without purchase.

*Hung-Lo - A dwarf ninja, He hates Scurv Dogg. Similarly to popular culture, he hates pirates. []

*Scurv Dogg - A hip-hop dwarf pirate who hates Hung Lo. []

*Ginger - A sexy nurse from "Mount Highlife Hospital", often shown on a billboard advertising the hospital. She is not really an employee. []

*Muffy - A cheerleader. She is always happy, to the point of irritation: her fellow cheerleaders voted for her to appear in PAIN. []

*Nigel - A British rock star, can be sometimes rough. []

*Kenneth - A rather large, possible stunt double, possible superhero, possible wrestler. Always thinks about food. []

*Tati - A Latina background dancer from a rap video. She fits many of the required stereotypes, including big breasts and a large booty. []

*Yeony - An schoolgirl who is an experienced gamer. []

upporting characters

Downtown Characters

This is a List of Supporting Characters on PAIN.

*Beefy - A man who looks exactly like, Ed Haulstein, but wears an orange cow suit. He is used to unlock Ed himself. they may be brothers or twins. []

* Granny - An old lady that can't defend (though she may try) from any attack from Jarvis or others. Easily panicked, she is quick to dash away from any threat, even if it means into the nearest oncoming car. She stands mostly at "Rub n Tug". a message parlor. On the PAINdemonium she's at the Downtown L-track subway. []

* The Mime / Le Toot - The Mime or LeToot is a mime that stands by a restaurant, performing in the street.the mode "Mime Toss" is circled around him . On the "Block Party" layout of Downtown, he performs on a stage (which is boards and cinder blocks and and two bridging ladders. ) under the moniker "LE TOOT". []

*The Fat Worker - The Fat Worker is an angry, fat construction worker that cleans, look at magazines and works. Can often be spotted repairing structures, cleaning windows and reading pornography in a portable toilet on break. []

*Chair Guy/Customer - Chair guy or Customer is a character who is always sitting down. Sits at a table at the "Lucky Pierre" restaurant. On the Block Party" level he sits near the "LE TOOT" stage. In the PAINdemonium layout he always enjoys his dinner, until someone flies into his table. []

*Teenage Girl - Teenage Girl is a character on PAIN. On the "Aftermath" layout she walks around, look for pennies, and checks her nails. On "Block Party" she is seen with Platform Man on a rooftop.

*Bikini Girl - Bikini Girl is Character on PAIN. In the PAINdemonium layout she walks on the "Hotel Coral Essex" roof checking her nails. On "Block Party" she stands with a police officer in the near a house on "KNOB LANE". Bombing her five times with explosives unlocks the "Demolition" level.

* Platform Man - Platform man is a character in PAIN. He stands on a platform beside the L-train tracks in the "Aftermath" layout. He has many appearances, hence his name. []

* The Cop - The Cop is a cop Character in Pain. Sometimes driving a police car, or watching the Downtown area from the steps of a fire escape. At first when the game was released, he was a mute, but when the latest updates came out, he has audio now.

* The Monkey - The monkey is a Monkey in Pain. He can hang on anything. "Spank the Monkey" is circled around him. Outside of Spank The Monkey he is usually holding a football. []

*Cyclist - He appears in the Aftermath and Fun With Explosives levels. []

* Pizza Man - He is rarely seen driving around on a delivery bike in Fun With Explosives. []

Amusement Park characters

The "Amusement Park" add on, will be released on 11th September 2008 and will also include several new characters.

*Exploding Teddy Bears- Evil exploding, dancing teddy bears. They do Dance Moves like the robot, cabbage patch and the running man. The mode Hot N Cold is circled around them.

*Spunky the Clown - Clown Toss is circled around him. []

*Carnie the Redneck/Piggy Security/Eco Cleaner man - He is the most recently seen character. He is also acts to play a guitar. He's in a Patrol Car or a cleaner cart. []

*Teenage Girl- She make's a brief appearance in some of the rides in the Amusement park, which are: "Feets of Fury", "Tilt a hurl", and "Alien invasion". []

*Uncle Sam - A Uncle Sam somewhat character that appears in the Park. []

*Girl with a Funny Hat - She is the second child to appear in Pain. She can be seen advertised on the "Amusement Park Deuce Drop" billboard []

*Dino Mascot - He is seen Chasing the Girl in a funny hat. At first glance, he appears to be a simple mascot, however, if he is, the fake head he wears blinks and opens its mouth, speaking to the child. []

*Beaver Mascot - He is seen standing on a platform near the "Deuce Drop" Ride. He is actually a old man.

*Boy in a Go cart- The second child to appear in PAIN. He rides in a go cart, on the "The fast and the Prepubescent" ride. He's also in another ride ("Booty of da' Sea").

*Pirate- He works around, standing to entertain someone.

*Tiki Man- He is running around in Hot N' Cold, or riding in the deuce drop.

*Chair Guy/Customer - He can be seen in the "Alien invasion Ride".

* Pizza Man - He is rarely seen driving around pushing a banana cart in Hot N Cold.

* Platform Man - He is riding in the Deuce Drop in Abusement park.

Miscellaneous Characters

*Fat Lady on Scooter - A cat-loving lady who rides around on a small motorized scooter.

*Female Taxi Driver - She appeared in a taxi in the Downtown Layout.

Downtown Modes

*Fun with Explosives : A multi-player game for up to 4 different players. Launch into an environment and attempt to detonate as many explosives as possible.
*Spank the Monkey: In this mode, your job is to launch your character into as many Monkeys scattered around the level as possible.
*H-O-R-S-E':The first player in the round aims, launches, and gets his/her best score. Other players must then aim and launch, hitting the same first object as the first player and outdo his/her score. Miss the same first object as the first player in the round?, fail, Hit the same first object but got a lower score?, fail. Failure gets you a letter, and H-O-R-S-E = G-A-M-E O-V-E-R.
*Bowling:Launching your character at ten oversized pins sounds simple enough, but your opponents have an arsenal of distractions at their disposal. From blast-off Grannies to exploding crates that fall from the sky to a giant donut and more, there are plenty of ways for them to try to stop you from picking up that spare.

Amusement Park Modes

*HOT n COLD: A single player puzzle game where the player must find the hidden teddy bear target within the Amusement Park. Each teddy bear detonated by the player returns a message of Hot or cold giving the player clues to the location of the hidden bear.

*Clown Toss: A single player game based on Mime Toss. Glass planes are replaced with exploding barrels and the floating Mime is replaced with a Clown bouncing on a pogo stick. also, it introduces a new feature called Pimp Slap. Pimp slap is like ooch, only you use it to control other characters. Pimp slap is only usable in clown toss.

*Trauma: A multi-player game mode that challenges players to cause as much pain to themselves and others as possible. Go head-to-head with friends and see if they can make all the same elaborate launches.

*Call the Shot: A multi-player game mode that lets players challenge each other by choosing a set of two to four objects to hit in a single launch. The more difficult the shot, the more points the challenged player will earn.


Originally, the only playable area was the Downtown theme which was the theme that was released with the game. As of September 11, 2008, both Downtown and the "Amusement Park" are playable; the Amusement Park is accessible via the Playstation Store. The addition of the Amusement Park included 4 new game modes-Clown Toss, Hot n Cold, Call Da Shot and Trauma, along with two familiar modes-PAINdemonium and Fun with Explosives, and trophy support to the game.

Theme song

The Pain Theme was made by Chuck Carr. It is downloadable through the Playstation Store.


The game was released in the U.S. on November 29, 2007 and to the European store on March 20, 2008. It is currently being sold for $9.99 in the U.S and £4.99 in the UK.


*In December 2007, two new "Christmas" themed characters were released. "Santa", a drunk ex-shopping mall Santa, and "Cookie", a sexy looking female 'helper elf'.
*In February 2008, The leaderboard for Aftermath mode was reset (after a few players exploited a flaw in the scoring system with some people getting over 90,000,000 points) and scoring was changed. Also the multiplayer mode "Fun with Explosives" was now given a single player mode. And two new characters, "Hung Lo", a little ninja, and "Scurv Dogg", a hip-hop pirate, were released.
*An Amusement Park add-on was released September 11th, 2008, with a new environment and six modes, four being new. It also introduced Pain Labs, a level that updates every week via the pain update.


Pain Labs is a level that updates every Thursday in pain.

Past PAINlabs

*Cinderblast - Stacks of Blocks.
*Six Left Feet - the Feets of Fury ride.
*Ground Ball - Pairs of fans.
*The Accelerator - The tallest structure in PAIN.
*Mime Trap - A group of mimes.


*Gamespot = 7.5 [ [ PAIN for PS3 - PAIN Playstation 3 - PAIN PS3 Game ] ]
*IGN = 6.8 [ [ IGN: Pain ] ] It should be noted that these reviews where written when the game was first released, and, as many updates have been made for the game, they do not reflect an opinion on playing the current version.


ee also

*Stair Dismount
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External links

* [ PAIN Official Webpage]
* [ Idol Minds Official Website]
* [ PAIN Official Website/Blog]

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