Lovers of the Holy Cross

Lovers of the Holy Cross

The "Lovers of the Holy Cross" (French: "Amantes de la Croix de Jésus-Christ") is a Roman Catholic female congregation, founded in 1670 by the first vicar Apostolic in Tong-king and Cochin China Pierre Lambert de la Motte. By 2002 statistics, it has about 4822 members. [cite web | title = VIETNAM : Khiêt Tam, les Amantes de la Croix | work = Missions Etrangeres de Paris | url = | accessdate = 2007-05-15]

It is the first female religious congregation to be distinguished by its Eastern characteristics, both contemplative and apostolic, and created in Vietnam. During its 335 years of existence, the Lovers of the Cross community, went through various trials and tribulations : persecutions, disasters, wars and changes of political regimes.

There are currently 24 communes of the Lovers of the Cross nuns of Vietnamese origin of which one is in the United States. Three of them are in Thailand and two others in Laos. [cite web | title = The Congregation of the Lovers of the Holy Cross : the executive authority, doctoral thesis at Marc Bloch University | work = Tran Thi Hong Tuy | url = | accessdate = 2007-05-15]


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