List of Indigenous Australians in politics and public service

List of Indigenous Australians in politics and public service

Numerous Indigenous Australians have been notable for their contributions to politics, including participation in governments and activism in Australia. Others are noted for their public service, generally and in specific areas like law and education.


* John Ah Kit -- Northern Territory ALP MLA
*Neville Bonner -- Australian Senator, the first Indigenous Australian to be elected to the Parliament of Australia
*Matthew Bonson -- Northern Territory ALP MLA
* Linda Burney -- Australian Labor Party (ALP) MP, first NSW Indigenous MP
* Andrea Mason
* Warren Mundine -- National President of the Australian Labor Party
* Aden Ridgeway -- senator
* Marion Scrymgour - Northern Territory ALP MLA, first female Indigenous minister in Australia.
* Sir Douglas Nicholls -- Pastor with the Churches of Christ in Australia; first indigenous Australian to be knighted; first indigenous Governor of an Australian state (Governor of South Australia)
* Geoff Clark -- led the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC), later known for legal difficulties


* Faith Bandler
* Robert Bropho
* Burnum Burnum
* Kevin Buzzacott
* Paul Coe
* Ken Colbung
* Essie Coffey
* Chicka Dixon
* Mick Dodson
* Pat Dodson
* Gary Foley
* Pearl Gibbs
* Ken Hampton
* Jacqui Katona
* Marcia Langton
* Yami Lester
* Vincent Lingiari
* Eddie Mabo
* Michael Mansell
* Yvonne Margarula
* Jack Patten
* Charles Perkins
* Mum (Shirl) Smith
* Harold Thomas – designer of Aboriginal flag
* Dennis Walker
* Galarrwuy Yunupingu
* Michael Mundine - CEO of the Redfern Aboriginal Housing Company


* Mick Dodson
* Jeannie Herbert
* Joe Fraser
* Wendy Brady
* Marcia Langton

Lawyers and judges

* Bob Bellear -- first Indigenous judge
* Sue Gordon -- magistrate
* Pat O'Shane -- magistrate

Public servants

* Gatjil Djerrkura
* Stan Grant
* Big Bill Neidjie -- Last Gagudju speaker, and central figure in the foundation of Kakadu National Park
* Lowitja O'Donoghue
* Noel Pearson
* Roberta "Bobbi" Sykes
* Neville "Chappy" Williams
* Galarrwuy Yunupingu
* Mandawuy Yunupingu

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