Thomas W. Davis

Thomas W. Davis

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Thomas W. "Tommy" Davis (born August 18, 1972)cite web|url=|title=Anne Archer - Biography|work=Internet Movie Database|, Inc.|accessdate=2008-05-30|last=Blake Bandy (Fenton Kritzer Entertainment)] cite web|url=|title=Anne Archer|work=NNDB|publisher=Soylent Communications|accessdate=2008-05-30] is the head of the Church of Scientology's Celebrity Centre International in Los Angeles, California.cite news | last =Shaw | first =William | title =The science of celebrity| work =The Sunday Telegraph | page =26 | date =2008-02-17 ]

Work for Church of Scientology

Celebrity Centre

Davis works for the Sea Org as a nonuniformed member. According to a Church of Scientology press release, in 2001 Davis was the Celebrity Centre's Vice President. [cite news | last =Church of Scientology | title =Celebration Gives Clue Why Young Hollywood Loves Scientology - 'Joy of Creating' Inspires Artistic Creations at Star-Studded Event | work =Press release | publisher =PR Newswire | date =2001-08-09 ] He is the head of the Church of Scientology's Celebrity Centre International in Los Angeles, California.

On June 13, 2003, Davis went with actor and Scientologist Tom Cruise and Kurt Weiland, director of external affairs for Scientology's Office of Special Affairs and Scientology vice president of communications, to meet with then-United States Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage.cite book|last =Morton| first =Andrew| authorlink =Andrew Morton (writer)| title =| publisher =St. Martin's Press| date =2008| location =New York | pages =243, 317| isbn =0312359861 ] cite news | last =Derakhshani | first =Tirdad | title =Cruise camp: sorry about Shields | work =The Philadephia Inquirer | date =2006-08-26 ] cite news | last =Staff | title =Tom 'Incensed' Sumner's Wife | work =New York Post | page =14 | publisher =N.Y.P. Holdings, Inc. | date =2006-08-25 ] In the half-hour long private meeting, they raised concerns with Armitage about the treatment of Scientologists in Germany and other countries.

Davis is a senior-level Scientologist, [cite web|url=|title=Scientology and Me: transcript|work=Scientology and Me|publisher=BBC News|accessdate=2008-05-30|date=2007-05-14] spokesman for the Church of Scientology,cite web|url=|work=Runnin' Scared|title=Jason Beghe to Scientology Mouthpiece Tommy Davis: 'You're Losing Your Soul'|publisher=The Village Voice|accessdate=2008-05-30|date=2008-05-14|last=Ortega|first=Tony] and a member of the Church of Scientology's Sea Organization or "Sea Org". [cite web | first = Roger | last = Friedman | title = Cruise, Travolta: Rolling Stone Gathers Moss | url =,2933,186648,00.html | work = Celebrity Gossip | publisher = FOX News | date = 2006-03-02 | accessdate = 2008-01-28 ] He is a member of the International Association of Scientologists, [cite news | last =International Association of Scientologists | work =Impact Magazine | publisher =Church of Scientology | date =2004, Issue 109 |title=Founding Patrons] and was listed as a Patron of the organization in 2006 in their publication "Impact Magazine". [cite news | last =International Association of Scientologists | work =Impact Magazine | publisher =Church of Scientology | date =2006, Issue 114|title=Patrons]

Representative to the media

Davis accompanied "Rolling Stone" writer Janet Reitman along with former head of Scientology's Office of Special Affairs Mike Rinder on a tour of the Gold Base in Hemet, California in 2005.cite news | url= | title=Inside Scientology | publisher=Rolling Stone | date= February 23, 2006 | first=Janet | last=Reitman | accessdate = 2006-07-16] He gained international attention in 2007 from an appearance in BBC's public affairs program " Panorama", during a documentary about Scientology titled "Scientology and Me". After host John Sweeney rejected Tom Davis' request that certain language, most notably the word "cult," be omitted from all interviews, Davis located Sweeney's Clearwater, Florida hotel and waited in the lobby for Sweeney's arrival. In the documentary, Sweeney described the incident as being "creepy". [cite news | url= | title=Row over Scientology video | publisher=BBC | date= May 14, 2007 | first= | last= | accessdate = 2006-07-16]

Davis later made an unscheduled appearance at one of Sweeney's interviews, questioning the integrity of both Sweeney and his interviewee. Sweeney and Davis later engaged in a verbal altercation, for which Sweeney apologized, explaining that his outburst was the culmination of having been followed and harassed by members of the Church of Scientology in the days prior. [cite news | url= | title=BBC man rebuked over Scientology show | publisher=Digital Spy | date= May 14, 2007 | first= | last= | accessdate = 2006-07-16] [cite news | url=,20867,21751818-601,00.html | title=Nine denies church motive | publisher=The Australian | date= May 18, 2007 | first= | last= | accessdate = 2006-07-16] Davis walked away from Sweeney, offended by the journalist's statement that some may consider the Church of Scientology a "sinister cult", causing Davis to become "Angry, real angry".cite news | url=,,2078503,00.html | title=The BBC man, the Scientologist - and the YouTube rant | publisher="The Observer" | date= May 13, 2007 | first= | last= | accessdate = 2006-07-16] In a May 8, 2008 appearance on CNN, Davis was asked by CNN's John Roberts if "..the basic tenet of the Church of Scientology is to rid the body of space-alien parasites, to clear oneself", Davis responded: "Well, John, does that sound silly to you? I mean it’s unrecognizable to me." [cite web|url=|title=Scientologists decry threats: CNN's John Roberts talks to a Scientology spokesman who says an anonymous group is terrorizing the church|publisher=CNN|accessdate=2008-05-08|date=May 8, 2008
last=Roberts, John
] Tony Ortega of "The Village Voice" commented on Davis's answer, saying: "It’s also a grand tradition, among Scientology spokespeople, to act bewildered when they’re facing a camera and they’re asked about Xenu and space-alien thetans. Tommy Davis is just doing what other mouthpieces have said in the past."cite web|url=|title=Scientology Spokesman Gives Non-Answers on CNN|work=Runnin' Scared|publisher=The Village Voice|accessdate=2008-05-08|date=May 8, 2008|last=Ortega|first=Tony]

Personal life

Davis is the son of William Davis and film actress and Scientologist Anne Archer.cite web|url=|title=Multimillonarios, Famosos Y Cienciologos: Estrellas de la música y el cine lideran la tarea proselitista de la iglesia de L. Ron Hubbard|work=El Mundo||accessdate=2008-05-30|date=2001-02-06|last=Shaw|first=William] He has a half-brother Jeffrey Tucker Jastrow. Davis is a friend of actor and Scientologist Tom Cruise, [cite news | url= | title=Travolta spearheads Scientologists' attack on BBC | publisher=Daily Mail | date= May 15, 2007 | first= | last= | accessdate = 2006-07-16] and a former friend of actor Jason Beghe.cite news | last=Ortega|first=Tony|url= | title=Jason Beghe Is Still Denouncing Scientology -- This Time in Germany | publisher=Village Voice |work=Runnin' Scared| date= September 16, 2008 | accessdate = 2006-07-16]


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