List of political parties in the Palestinian National Authority

List of political parties in the Palestinian National Authority

A political party is a political organization subscribing to a certain ideology or formed around very special issues with the aim to participate in power, usually by participating in elections. :"See political party for a more comprehensive discussion."

The parties

The following organizations, listed in alphabetic order, have taken part in recent elections inside the Palestinian National Authority:
*Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine ("al-jabhah al-dīmūqrātiyyah li-tahrīr filastīn") (socialist)
*Fatah or Palestinian Liberation Movement ("harakat al-tahrīr al-filastīnī") (centre-left)
*Hamas or Islamic Resistance Movement ("harakat al-muqāwamah al-islāmiyyah") (Islamist)
*Palestine Democratic Union ("al-ittihād al-dīmūqrātī al-filastīnī", FiDA) (centre-left)
*Palestine Forum launched 16 November 2007 by billionaire businessman Munib al-Masri, 73
*Palestinian National Initiative ("al-mubādara al-wataniya al-filastīniyya") (centrist)
*Palestinian People's Party ("hizb al-sha`b al-filastīnī") (left-wing)
*Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine ("al-jabhah al-sha`biyyah li-tahrīr filastīn") (communist)
*Al-Mustaqbal or The Future
*Third Way (centrist)
*Palestinian Popular Struggle Front (left-wing)

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