Ampera Cabinet

Ampera Cabinet

The Ampera Cabinet (Indonesian: "Kabinet Ampera") was the Indonesian Cabinet which served under President Sukarno and later on, Acting President Suharto from July 1966 until October 1967. The Cabinet was formed after the Provisional People's Consultative Assembly (MPRS) session of 1966 which commissioned Suharto to form a new Cabinet [cite book |last= Elson |first= Robert |title= Suharto: A Political Biography |origyear= 2001 |publisher= The Press Syndicate of the University of Cambridge |location= UK |language= |id=ISBN 0-521-77326-1 |pages= p.144] . Although Sukarno would not be removed from the Presidency for some months, for all intents and purposes, the person who was truly in charge of the Cabinet and Indonesia by this point was Suharto.


*President: Sukarno

Cabinet Presidium

*Chairman/Chief Minister of Defense and Security/Commander of the Army: Lt. Gen. Suharto
*Chief Minister of Political Affairs/Minister of Foreign Affairs: Adam Malik
*Chief Minister of People's Welfare: Idham Chalid
*Chief Minister of Economics and Finance: Hamengkubuwono IX
*Chief Minister of Industry and Development: Sanusi Hardjadinata

Ministers in the Field of Defense and Security

*Commander of the Navy: R. Adm. Muljadi
*Commander of the Air Force: Air Mshl. Rusmin Nurjadin
*Chief of Police: Police Gen. Sucipto Judodiharjo
*Minister of Veterans Affairs and Demobilization: Maj. Gen. Sarbini

Ministers in the Field of Political Affairs

*Minister of Home Affairs: Maj. Gen. Basuki Rahmat
*Minister of Justice: Umar Seno Adji
*Minister of Information: Burhanuddin Mohammad Diah

Ministers in the Field of People's Welfare

*Minister of Education and Culture: Sarino Mangunpranoto
*Minister of Religious Affairs: Sjaifuddin Zuchri
*Minister of Social Affairs: AM Tambunan
*Minister of Health: GA Siwabessy
*Minister of Manpower: Brig. Gen. Awaluddin Djamin

Ministers in the Field of Economics and Finance

*Minister of Trade: Maj. Gen. Ashari Danudirjo
*Minister of Finance: Frans Seda
*Minister of Transportation: Air Cdre. Sutopo
*Minister of Maritime Affairs: R. Adm. Jatidjan
*Minister of Agriculture: Brig. Gen. Sutjipto
*Minister of Plantations: PC Hardjasudirja

Ministers in the Field of Industry and Development

*Minister of Basic Industries, Light Industries, and Energy: Maj. Gen. M Jusuf
*Minister of Textile and Handicraft Industries: Sanusi
*Minister of Mines: Slamet Bratanata
*Minister of Public Works: Sutami


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