Aegiale (daughter of Helios)

Aegiale (daughter of Helios)

:"Not to be confused with Aegiale (wife of Diomedes)."

In Greek mythology, Aegiale (Greek: polytonic|Αἰγιάλη) was the daughter of Helios and Clymene. She is a member of the Heliades. It was either by her or by Enarete that Aeolus fathered Alcyone.

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  • Aegiale (wife of Diomedes) — Not to be confused with Aegiale (daughter of Helios). Aegiale or Aegialeia (Greek: Αἰγιάλη or Αἰγιάλεια) was, in Greek mythology, a daughter of Adrastus and Amphithea, or of Aegialeus the son of Adrastus, whence she bears the surname of Adrastine …   Wikipedia

  • Aegiale — In Greek mythology, Aegiale may be:*Aegiale (wife of Diomedes), the wife of Diomedes.*Aegiale (daughter of Helios), one of the Heliades.In biology, Aegiale is the name of a butterfly genus variously placed in the grass skippers or giant skippers …   Wikipedia

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