Scarecrow (disambiguation)

Scarecrow (disambiguation)

A scarecrow is a device to discourage birds from disturbing crops.

Scarecrow may also refer to:

In film:
* Scarecrow (Oz), one of the main protagonists in L. Frank Baum's "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" and its various film adaptations, particularly the 1939 version starring Judy Garland
* "The Scarecrow (1920 film)", 1920 short silent comedy film starring Buster Keaton
* "Scarecrow (1973 film)", movie starring Al Pacino and Gene Hackman
* "The Scarecrow (1982 film)", New Zealand film about a killer in a small town, based on a 1963 novel by Ronald Hugh Morrieson
*"Scarecrows (1988 film)", horror film
* "Scarecrow (2002 film)", straight-to-video horror film that has spawned two sequels
* "Kakashi" (translated as "Scarecrow"), 2001 Japanese horror movie

On television:
* "The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh", 1964 multi-episode serial by Walt Disney that was based on the smuggler hero of a series of novels by Russell Thorndike
*"Scarecrow and Mrs. King", 1980s CBS show about a secret agent assisted by a housewife.
*Scarecrow (Galaxy Rangers Episode), episode from the tv show Galaxy Rangers

In music:
* "Scarecrow (The Pillows song)" (2007), song and single by "the pillows"
* "Scarecrow (Melissa Etheridge song)" (1999), song and single by Melissa Etheridge
* "Scarecrow (John Mellencamp album)" (1985), rock music album
* "Scarecrow (Garth Brooks album)" (2001), country music album
* "The Scarecrow (album)" (2008), album by Avantasia
* "The Scarecrow (Pink Floyd song)", song written by Syd Barrett
* Scarecrow, an early name of a project by German musician André Schmechta, which eventually became the band X Marks the Pedwalk
* "Scarecrow", alias of Lord Infamous

In comics:
* Scarecrow (DC Comics), comic book villain in the Batman series by DC Comics
* Scarecrow (Marvel Comics), villain from Marvel Comics who fought heroes such as Spider-Man and Ghost Rider
* Straw Man (comics), Marvel Comics supernatural hero originally named Scarecrow

* "The Scarecrow (play)", 1908 play by Percy MacKaye based on Nathaniel Hawthorne's short story "Feathertop"
* "Scarecrow (novel)", 2003 novel by Australian author Matthew Reilly
* Scarecrow is a character in the japanese story of Boogiepop, told in books, manga and anime.

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