Serer language

Serer language

states=Senegal, the Gambia, Mauritania
region=West Africa
speakers=3.2 million (mother tongue)
3.5 million (second language)

The Serer languages are a group of languages spoken by the Serer people in West Africa. They include:

* Serer-Sine spoken in Sine-Saloum, Kaolack, Diourbel, Dakar and many other areas.
* Serer-Safen spoken inland from the Petite Côte, an area southeast of Dakar.
* Serer-Ndut spoken in the Mont-Roland, an area northwest of Thies and in the Kingdom of Biffeche on the Senegal River.
* Serer-Noon spoken around Thies.
* Serer-Palor spoken in a small area between Rufisque and Thies.
* Serer-Lehar spoken in a small area north of Thies.

All the Serer languages except Serer-Sine (the largest) are classified among the Cangin languages.

Most Serer speak Wolof, the language of the Wolof people, as a second language, and those who have grown up in the cities often speak it as a first language.

ome Serer Greetings

The following greetings and responses and spoken in most regions of Senegal that have serer speakers.

Nam fi'o? (pronounced, nam feeyoh) = How are you doing?-response = mexe meen (prounounced, may hay men) = I am here.

Ta mbind na? (pronounced, tah mbind nah) = How is the family?-Response = Owa maa (pronounced owa maa) = it is good.

In Senegalese culture, greetings are very important. Sometimes, villagers will spend minutes greeting each other.

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