List of Moldovans

List of Moldovans

This is a list of famous people from the Republic of Moldova.

Painters, sculptors, and architects

* Ilie Bogdesco, graphic artist
* Moisey Gamburd, painter
* Ion Serbinov, painter
* Miriam Gamburd, sculptor
* Iurie Matei, painter
* Mihai Petric, painter
* Alexandru Plămădeală, Moldovan-born Romanian sculptor
* Iurie Platon, painter
* Mircea Puşcaş, sculptor
* Andrei Negura, painter
* Andrei Sârbu, painter
* Alexey Shchusev, Moldovan-born Russian architect
* Ghenadie Şonţu, painter
* Tudor Cataraga, sculptor
* Nadea Ghilca, genius painter
* Igor Scherbina, painter
* Alexander David, painter of metaphysical impressionism


* Alexandru Donici, Moldovan poet and translator
* Alexei Mateevici, Moldovan poet and publicist
* Alexandru Hajdeu, Moldovan writer
* Alecu Russo, Moldovan writer
* Anatol Ciocanu, Moldovan poet
* Andrei Gamarti, Moldovan poet
* Bogdan Petriceicu-Haşdeu, Moldovan writer and historian
* Constantin Stamati, Moldovan writer and translator
* Constantin Stamati-Ciurea, Moldovan writer and translator
* Constantin Stere, Moldovan writer
* Dumitru Matcovschi, Moldovan poet
* Efim Tarlapan, Moldovan poet and epigrammatist
* Emilian Galaicu-Paun, Moldovan poet and translator
* Grigore Vieru, Moldovan poet and writer
* Ion Druţă, novelist
* Iulian Nicuţă, Moldovan novelist
* Ion Vatamanu, Moldovan poet
* Ion Hadârcă, Moldovan writer
* Liviu Damian, Moldovan poet
* Petru Cărare, Moldovan poet and epigrammatist
* Spiridon Vangheli, Moldovan writer
* Victor Teleucă, Moldovan writer and poet
* Victor Prohin, Moldovan poet and epigrammatist
* Vladimir Beşleagă, Moldovan novelist


*Ana Gurau, deconstructionist


* Alternosfera, rock group
* Ion Aldea-Teodorovici, composer
* Dan Bălan, pop-singer
* Natalia Barbu, pop-singer
* Maria Bieşu, opera singer
* Lida Botezatu, pop-singer
* Geta Burlacu, singer
* Serafim Buzilă, composer
* Maria Cebotari, opera-singer
* Eugen Coca, composer
* Contemporan, pop-group
* Eugen Doga, composer
* Mihai Dolgan, pop-singer
* Valeriu Găină, guitarist
* Legenda, pop-group
* Radu Marian, opera singer
* Gavril Musicescu, Moldovan-born Romanian composer
* Ştefan Neaga, composer
* Noroc, pop-group
* O-Zone, pop-group
* Orizont, pop-group
* Zinaida Palii, opera-singer
* Ştefan Petrache, pop-singer
* Plai, pop-group
* Sofia Rotaru, pop-singer
* Anton Rubinstein, Moldovan-born Russian composer
* ScrooM, rock-group
* Radu Sîrbu, pop-singer
* Pavel Stratan, folk singer
* Petre Teodorovici, composer
* Arsenie Todiraş (Arsenium), pop-singer
* Trigon, ethno-jazz group
* Zdob şi Zdub, rock-group
* Dorel Burlacu, composer, musician


* Arkady Luxemburg


* Andrei Andrieş, physicist
* Lev Berg, Moldovan-born Russian biologist and geographer
* Ştefan Ciobanu, Moldovan-born Romanian historian
* Eugeniu Coşeriu, philologist
* Nicolae Dimo, agronomist
* Nicolae Donici, Moldovan-born Romanian astronomer
* Jerzy Neyman, Moldovan-born Polish statistician
* Sergiu Rădăuţan, physicist
* Nikolay Sclifosovsky, Moldovan-born Russian surgeon and physiologist
* Nicolae Testemiţanu, physician, surgeon and hygienst
* Nikolay Dimitrievich Zelinskiy, Moldovan-born Russian chemist


* Dumitru Doroş
* Valentin Guţu
* Petru Marta
* Olga Bolsova
* Iurie Juravschi
* Serghei Covalciuc
* Vitalie Grusac
* Vadim Vacarciuc
* Casapu
* Andrei Tchmil


*Anatol Josan
*Dumitru Doros
*Eugenia Duca
*Stefan Petrache


* Dumitru Braghiş, chairman of the Party for Social Democracy, MP, former Prime Minister of Moldova
* Dorin Chirtoacă, mayor of Chişinău
* Dumitru Diacov, chairman of the Democratic Party, MP, former speaker of Moldovan Parliament
* Mihai Ghimpu, chairman of the Liberal Party
* Petru Lucinschi, former President of Moldova
* Marian Lupu, speaker of the Moldovan Parliament
* Alexandru Moşanu, historian, former speaker of the Moldovan Parliament
* Iurie Roşca, chairman of the Christian-Democratic Peoples Party, deputy speaker of the Moldovan Parliament
* Oleg Serebrian, political scientist, chairman of the Social Liberal Party, MP
* Mircea Snegur, former Presedint of Moldova
* Vasile Tarlev, Prime Minister of Moldova
* Stepan Topal, Gagauz, politician and activist
* Serafim Urechean, chairman of the "Our Moldova Alliance", MP
* Vladimir Voronin, President of Moldova

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