:"Cannae is also a band from Boston, Massachusetts."Cannae (mod. Canne della Battaglia) is an ancient village of the Apulia region of south east Italy. It is a "frazione" of the "comune" of Barletta.


It is situated near the river Aufidus (mod. Ofanto), on a hill on the right bank, 9.6 km (6 miles) southwest from its mouth, and 9 km southwest from Barletta.


It is primarily known for the Battle of Cannae, in which the numerically superior Roman army suffered a disastrous defeat by Hannibal in 216 BC (see Punic Wars). There is a considerable controversy as to whether the battle took place on the right or the left bank of the river.

In later times the place became a "municipium", and remains of an unimportant Roman town still exist upon the hill known as "Monte di Canne". In the Middle Ages it became a bishopric, and again saw military action in the second battle of Cannae, twelve centuries after the more famous one (1018). Ultimately the town was destroyed in 1276.

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