The Layene are a politically autonomous religious community of the Lebou people, who live in fishing communities on the Cap-Vert peninsula, north of Dakar, Senegal. The Layene brotherhood is one of the smaller Muslim brotherhoods of Senegal and is ruled in religious and temporal matters by their Khalifa-General. Their headquarters is an elaborate mosque on the beach at Yoff. The town of Yoff is "de facto" ruled by the Layene brotherhood, and also contains the mausoleum of its founder.

In 1812 the political independence of the Lebou from the Kingdom of Cayor was recognized. Today the Layene are granted special autonomy in the constitution, laws and practices of Senegal. The present Khalifa-General of the Layene (in 2002) is Seydi Hadj Abdoulaye Thiaw Laye.

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