Efígie da República

Efígie da República

The "Efígie da República" (Portuguese for Effigy of the Republic) is used as a national personification, both, in Brazil and in Portugal, symbolizing the Republic.


The effigy is a representation of a young woman wearing a crown of bay leaves in roman style. It is present in allegoric paintings and sculptures displayed in government buildings throughout Brazil, and engraved on Brazilian real coins and banknotes.It was first used as a pro-Republican icon in the 19th century, inspired by France's Marianne. After the proclamation of the Republic in 1889, it became an important symbol of the newly formed Republic.


The portuguese "Efígie da República" is represented as a young woman wearing the phrygian cap, modeled after the Liberty of Eugène Delacroix' "Liberty Leading the People". As a national distintion, the Portuguese Republic is represented wearing green and red clothes.

The "Efígie da República" was adopted as a Portuguese State oficial symbol after 5 October, 1910, when the Republic substituted the Monarchy in Portugal. Before that, it was used as a political symbol by the portuguese republicans. Later, the sculpture of Simões de Almeida, representing the "Bust of the Republic" become the standard for oficial use. A reprodution of the Bust of the Republic had to be present, in prominence, in all public buildings and was also present, as a effigy, in the escudo coins. It was considered, by the new republican regime, as a national symbol of Portugal, like the national coat of arms or the national flag.

Although the intention that the "Efígie da República" become considered as the personification of the own Portuguese Nation, it never gained popularity as that. Usually it remained seen only as the personification of the republican regimen and not as a national symbol. Very used in the first half of the 20th century, today, its use is rare.

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