The municipality Litultovice is situated in the Czech Republic, Moravian-Silesian Region, 12 km south-east from Opava and has a population of 762. With an area of 1,035 ha Litultovice is one of the smallest municipalities in east Opava region. Litultovice is an independent municipality with a surveyor’s and a registry office. Three contiguous settlements are parts of the village: Choltice, Luhy and Pilný Mlýn. Litultovice is a member of Euroregion Silesia.

The inception of the village goes back to the year 1281 and the name Litultovice probably comes from its founder Litult. Gradually it became different names: Lutoldisdorf, in 1390‘s Lutersdorf, 1380‘s Lutholtowice and in 1405 Litoltowicz. In the 16th century its name came to stay Litultovice. Significant holders of the village were Běrci family from Násilé, Stočiv family from Kounice, Bítovští family from Bítov. Litultovice appertained to the Moravian eclave in Silesia, to the Olomouc archbishopric.

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