Major suit

Major suit

In the card game contract bridge, the major suits are spades () and hearts ()[1]. The major suits are of prime importance for tactics and scoring as they outrank the minor suits while bidding and also outscore them (30 per contracted trick for major suits—compared to 20 for minor suits). Much of the tactics of bidding in bridge revolves around the attempt by partners to find a "fit" in one of the major suits that will allow them to easily make a game contract. Of the two major suits, spades () rank higher than hearts ().

Suit combinations

Fundamentally, there are three ways to divide four suits into pairs: by color, by rank and by shape resulting in six possible suit combinations.

  • Color is used to denote the red suits (hearts and diamonds) and the black suits (spades and clubs).
  • Rank is used to indicate the major (spades and hearts) versus minor (diamonds and clubs) suits.
  • Shape is used to denote the pointed (diamonds and spades, which visually have a sharp point uppermost) versus rounded (hearts and clubs) suits.

In the event of widespread introduction of four-color decks, it has been suggested that the red/black distinction could be replaced by pointed bottoms (hearts and diamonds visually have a sharp point downwards, whereas spades and clubs have a blunt stem).

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