Albert VI, Archduke of Austria

Albert VI, Archduke of Austria

Albert VI, Duke of Austria and later Archduke of Austria (December 12, 1418 – December 2, 1463), was a Habsburg Archduke, the son of Duke Ernest the Iron of Inner Austria and the brother of Emperor Frederick III.

Albert was born in Vienna. Although he was a junior heir, he received no full rulership anywhere for a long time, which caused friction in his relations with his elder brother Frederick (who was Frederick V as Duke of Austria). From 1446, Albert was the Regent of Further Austria, after the death of its Duke, Frederick IV and as guardian of Frederick IV's successor Sigismund. At that stage, Albert quarreled with his brother

From 1458 to his death in 1463 Albert ruled Austria above the Enns (later known as Upper Austria), a separate principality, quite small, which was his portion of Habsburg patrimony. After laying siege to Frederick in the fortification of Vienna, he also took over the reign of Austria below the Enns (now Lower Austria) in 1462. Albert died childless and was succeeded by his elder brother.


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1= 1. Albert VI, Archduke of Austria
2= 2. Ernest, Duke of Austria
3= 3. Cymburgis of Masovia
4= 4. Leopold III, Duke of Austria
5= 5. Viridis Visconti
6= 6. Siemowit IV, Duke of Masovia
7= 7. Alexandra of Lithuania
8= 8. Albert II, Duke of Austria
9= 9. Johanna of Pfirt
10= 10. Bernabò Visconti
11= 11. Beatrice della Scala
12= 12. Siemowit III of Masovia
13= 13. Euphemia of Opava
14= 14. Algirdas
15= 15. Uliana Alexandrovna of Tver
16= 16. Albert I of Germany
17= 17. Elisabeth of Tirol
18= 18. Ulrich III, Count of Pfirt
19= 19. Jeanne of Burgundy
20= 20. Stefano Visconti
21= 21. Valentina Doria
22= 22. Mastino II della Scala
23= 23. Taddea de Carrara
24= 24. Trojden I Czerski
28= 28. Gediminas
29= 29. Jewna
30= 30. Aleksandr Mikhailovich of Tver
31= 31. Anastasia of Halych

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