Hiding Inside the Horrible Weather

Hiding Inside the Horrible Weather

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Name = Hiding Inside the Horrible Weather
Type = Album
Artist = My American Heart

Released = June 26, 2007
Recorded =
Genre = Emo
Length = 40:20
Label = Warcon
Producer = James Paul Wisner
US Billboard Chart Peak = 28
Reviews = *NME (6/10) (11/03/2007, p.49)
* Strange Glue rating-10|3 [http://strangeglue.com/my-american-heart-hiding-inside-the-horrible-weather/3543/ link] |
Last album = "The Meaning In Makeup"
This album = 'Hiding Inside The Horrible Weather'
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"Hiding Inside the Horrible Weather" is My American Heart's second album. The first single from the new album is called "The Shake (Awful Feeling)".

Album Information

My American Heart's second studio album, Hiding Inside The Horrible Weather, was released in 2007 on Warcon Records. The track "Boys! Grab Your Guns" is about former member Jeremy Mendez, who left in 2006 due to a complex love triangle within the band, as confirmed through numerous posts on Mendez's LiveJournal account: http://randumby3k.livejournal.com/. The album was produced by James Paul Wisner.

Track listing

# "Boys! Grab Your Guns"
# "Speak Low If You Speak Love"
# "The Shake (Awful Feeling)"
# "Tired & Uninspired"
# "Hiding Inside the Horrible Weather"
# "The Innocent Letter"
# "There Are More Frightening Things..."
# "Dangerous"
# "Moving On"
# "Fantasy"
# "All My Friends"


"The Shake (Awful Feeling)"

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