Luxembourg (disambiguation)

Luxembourg (disambiguation)

Luxembourg (in some contexts spelled Luxemburg) may refer to the following:


The following are in English always spelled "Luxembourg" — (though in German and Dutch always "Luxemburg"):

* Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, a sovereign country in western Europe
** Luxembourg (district), the south-western part of the country
** Luxembourg (canton), one subdivision of Luxembourg district
** Luxembourg (city), the capital city of the country
** County of Luxembourg, a historical state
** Duchy of Luxembourg, a historical state
* Luxembourg (European Parliament constituency), a constituency in the European Parliament
* Luxembourg (Belgium), a province of Wallonia, Belgium
* Radio Luxembourg, the country's radio station

The following are always spelled "Luxembourg":

* Luxembourg Garden, in Paris, France
* Luxembourg Palace, located inside the Luxembourg Garden
* Musée du Luxembourg, in Paris, France

The following places in the United States are always spelled "Luxemburg":

* Luxemburg, Iowa
* Luxemburg, Wisconsin
* Luxemburg Township, Minnesota

* Lüksemburq, Azerbaijan


* François-Henri de Montmorency, duc de Luxembourg, a Marshal of France
* Rosa Luxemburg (born "Rosalia Luxenburg"), a Polish-German Marxist revolutionary
* Rut Blees Luxemburg, a German photographer
* The House of Luxembourg, a medieval German royal family
* Christoph Luxenberg, a German scholar and professor


* "Luxembourg" (album), an album by the English band "The Bluetones"
* Luxembourg (band), an indie band from London, UK

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