Louisiana Highway 77

Louisiana Highway 77

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formed=1955 renumbering

Louisiana Highway 77 (LA 77) is a north/south state highway in Louisiana.

Route description

Louisiana Highway 77, or LA 77, travels southward from LA 10 near the old Melville Ferry roadway in Pointe Coupee Parish through Fordoche and Livonia. In Iberville Parish, it is the primary route from Plaquemine to the northern communities of Maringouin, Rosedale, and Grosse Tete. It parallels Bayou Grosse Tete for much of its course, and the landscape is mostly composed of sugarcane fields and forests along the bayou. LA 77 turns southeastward across a drawbridge over Bayou Grosse Tete and parallels Bayou Plaqemine on the western bank before ending at Louisiana Highway 1 near The Island Country Club in Plaquemine.clear


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