Seven Lakes Drive

Seven Lakes Drive

Seven Lakes Drive marker

Seven Lakes Drive

Map of downstate New York with Seven Lakes Drive highlighted in red
Route information
Length: 17.91 mi (28.82 km)
NY 981G: 0.36 miles (0.58 km)[1]
0.12-mile (0.19 km) gap between designations[2]
NY 987E: 17.43 miles (28.05 km)[1]
Major junctions
South end: NY 17 in Sloatsburg
  US 6 / Palisades Parkway in Harriman St. Pk.
North end: US 9W / US 202 in Bear Mountain St. Pk.
Counties: Rockland, Orange
Highway system

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Seven Lakes Drive is a 17.91 mile (28.82 km) long parkway in the U.S. state of New York. The southern terminus of the route is at New York State Route 17 in Sloatsburg. The northern terminus is at U.S. Route 9W and U.S. Route 202 a mile south of Fort Montgomery in Bear Mountain State Park. The westernmost 0.36 miles (0.58 km) of Seven Lakes Drive is designated New York State Route 981G. From Johnsontown Road in Sloatsburg, just east of where Interstate 87 (the New York State Thruway) crosses over the road, to US 9W and US 202, a distance of 17.43 miles (28.05 km), the parkway is designated New York State Route 987E.[1] Both designations are reference routes and are unsigned.


Route description


Seven Lakes Drive sign just after entering the Park.

Seven Lakes Drive begins at an intersection with Route 17 in Sloatsburg.[3] The road here is designated Reference Route 981G and intersects with some local roads in Sloatsburg for .36 of a mile. At .4 of a mile, Seven Lakes Drive crosses under the New York State Thruway and intersects with Johnsontown Road the first time.[3] After the intersection with Johnsontown Road, Seven Lakes Drive loses its 981G designation and enters Harriman State Park.[4] The parkway intersects with Johnsontown Road again and heads to the northeast.

The Seven Lakes
Listed South to North
  • Lake Sebago
  • Lake Kanawauke
  • Lake Skanatati
  • Lake Askoti
  • Lake Tiorati
  • Silver Mine Lake
  • Queensboro Lake

Harriman State Park (south of Lake Welch Parkway)

Seven Lakes Drive enters Harriman State Park after the intersection with Johnsontown Road. Just prior, at a bridge, the Pine Meadow Trail (blazed red), begins.[4] Johnsontown Road parallels Seven Lakes Drive as it heads to the northeast. The road becomes a full-fledged parkway and passes the Reeves Meadow Visitor Center at 1.5 miles (2.4 km). The Reeves Meadow Visitor Center is also a trailhead for the Reeves Brook Trail, with the Pine Meadow Trail passing in the back. At 2 miles (3.2 km), the parallel with Johnsontown Road ends at a cul-de-sac on Johnsontown. There the Blue Disc and White Bar Trails are accessible.[4]

At 2.3 miles (3.7 km), the Kakiat Trail crosses on its way towards Kakiat County Park.[4] Seven Lakes Drive begins to parallel the White Bar Trail as both head to the northeast through forestry and mountains. The White Bar Trail moves to the north and abandons the parkway. Just before passing to the east of Lake Sebago, the Tuxedo-Mount Ivy Trail (blazed red), becomes concurrent with the parkway. At 3.5 miles (5.6 km), the Tuxedo-Mount Ivy Trail turns off to the east. Seven Lakes Drive now parallels the shores of Lake Sebago, crossing a paking lot at 4.2 miles (6.8 km). There is located a ski trail. After turning to the north and passing the northern end of Lake Sebago, Seven Lakes Drive intersects with the Lake Welch Parkway.[4]

Seven Lakes Drive at Tiorati Circle and its intersections with Arden Valley Road and Tiorati Brook Road.

Lake Welch Parkway to Tiorati Circle

After passing Lake Sebago, Seven Lakes Drive heads north passing Lake Kanawauke to the west.[4] The parkway enters Orange County and intersects with County Route 106 at the Kanawauke Circle. After the Kanawauke Circle, Lake Skanatati is passable to the right. There, the Long Path intersects. Lake Askoti comes next, with a parking lot nearby. At the northern end of Lake Askoti, the Red Cross Trail intersects. The parkway parallels a telephone line and passes the shores of Lake Tiorati.[5] At the northern end of Lake Tiorati, Seven Lakes Drive, Arden Valley Road and Tiorati Brook Road meet at the Tiorati Circle. At the Tiorati Circle, the Lake Tiorati trail terminates.

Seven Lakes Drive's eastern beginning at US 9W/202 in Bear Mountain State Park.

Tiorati Circle and northeast

Seven Lakes Drive heads to the northeast, intersecting with several trails, including the Ramapo-Dunderberg Trail and the Appalachian Trail.[5] The Menomine Trail crosses as the parkway turns to the northeast. The Menomine Trail parallels as Seven Lakes Drive approaches Silvermine Lake. The Silvermine Ski Road comes after the Lake ends, a trail that parallels much of Silvermine Lake. At 14 miles (23 km), Seven Lakes Drive comes to the Long Mountain Roundabout with U.S. Route 6. The two roads become concurrent as Seven Lakes Drive heads eastward.[5]

The concurrency ends and Seven Lakes Drive continues to the east, intersecting with several trails in now Bear Mountain State Park. The road enters Rockland County again as well, coming to an end at U.S. Route 9W and U.S. Route 202 just south of Bear Mountain itself.[5]

Major intersections

County Location Mile[1][2] Destinations Notes
Sloatsburg 0.00 NY 17
Harriman State Park 5.43 Lake Welch Parkway Western terminus of Lake Welch Pkwy
7.00 CR 106 (Lake Kanawauke Road) Kanawauke Circle
10.30 Arden Valley Road west / Tiorati Brook Road east Tiorati Circle
13.99 US 6 west Roundabout; western terminus of US 6 / Seven Lakes Drive overlap
14.32 Palisades Parkway south Interchange; western terminus of Palisades Parkway / Seven Lakes Drive overlap
14.52 US 6 east / Palisades Parkway north Eastern terminus of US 6 / Seven Lakes Drive and Seven Lakes Drive / Palisades Parkway overlaps
Bear Mountain State Park 17.91 US 9W / US 202 Near Bear Mountain Bridge
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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