Hitler's Chancellery (Kanzlei des Führers)

Hitler's Chancellery (Kanzlei des Führers)

Kanzlei des Führers (Hitler's Personal Chancellery) was the Chancellery responsible for Nazi Party and associated organizations and their dealings directly with Hitler. The Chancellery was headed by SS-Oberguppenführer Philipp Bouhler (Der Chef der Kanzlei des Führers der NSDAP).

The office handled many different issues pertaining to matters such as complaints against party officials, appeals from party courts and official judgements, and the personal affairs of Adolf Hitler. The Chancellery was located at Voßstraße 4, Berlin W8 in the new Reich Chancellery building.

The following offices comprised the Kanzlei des Führers and was subordinate directly to Hitler himself:

Hauptamt (Main Office) I: Persönliche Angelegenheiten des Führers (Personal Affairs of the Führer)

Hauptamt (Main Office II: Angelegenheiten aus Partei, Staat, und Wehrmacht (Affairs of the Party, State, and the Armed Forces)

Hauptamt (Main Office) III: Gnadenangelegenheiten (Appeals directly to Hitler)

Hauptamt (Main Office) IV: Angelegenheiten wirtschaftlicher und sozialer Art ( Affairs of economic and social questions)

Hauptamt (Main Office) V: Personal und Verwaltungsangelegenheiten der Dienststelle (Personal and Employment affairs of various offices)

Hauptamt (Main Office) VI: Angelegenheiten aus Wissenschaft, Erziehung, und Schrifttum (Affairs of Science, Education, and Literature)

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