Club Santos Laguna

Club Santos Laguna
Santos Laguna
Club Santos Laguna logo.svg
Full name Club Santos Laguna S.A. de C.V.
Nickname(s) Albiverdes (White and Green)
Los Guerreros (The Warriors)
Founded August 13, 1983
Ground Estadio Corona
Torreón, Coahuila
(Capacity: 30,050[1])
Owner Mexico Grupo Modelo
Chairman Mexico Alejandro Irarragorri
Manager Mexico Benjamín Galindo
League Primera División de México
Apertura 2010 3rd (league)
Home colours
Away colours
Current season

Club Santos Laguna is a Mexican football club. They represent the urban area of Comarca Lagunera, which is made up of Torreón, Gomez Palacio, and Lerdo. Santos Laguna currently plays in the Primera División. The club was founded in 1982, and reached Mexico's top division after buying the franchise belonging to the Ángeles de Puebla. The club's debut in Mexico's top division was in the 1988/89 tournament. They have won the league championship three times: first in the Invierno 1996 tournament, second in the Verano 2001 tournament, and most recently in the Clausura 2008 tournament. They have also reached the finals in the 1993–1994 season, the Verano 2000 tournament, the Bicentenario 2010 tournament, and the 2010 Apertura. On December 5, 2010 Santos Laguna lost the final to Monterrey.


Standout teams

1993–94 Runner-up

1993–94 squad

In the first leg the team defeated Tecos UAG 1–0 in Corona Stadium; in the second leg it lost 2–0 in 3 de Marzo Stadium.


  • Mexico Adrián Marmolejo
  • Mexico Ramón Ramírez
  • Argentina Hector Adomaitis
  • Mexico Diego Silva
  • Argentina Antonio Apud Nieva
  • Mexico Daniel Guzmán
  • Chile Richard Zambrano
  • Mexico Felipe de Jesús Amezcua
  • Mexico Jose Antonio Alcantara
  • Mexico Jesús Gómez
  • Brazil Ricardo Wagner de Souza

Invierno 1996 Champions

Invierno 1996 squad.

In the Invierno of 1996 Santos Laguna won its first title, defeating Necaxa 4–3 on aggregate (first leg 0–1, second leg 4–2). The winning goal is still controversial, as the team's detractors assert that the scorer (Jared Borgetti) was off-side.


Verano 2001 Champions

Jared Borgetti lifting title

In the Verano of 2001 Santos Laguna won its second title, 4–3 on aggregate (first leg 1–2, second leg 3–1) against Pachuca.



Club Santos Laguna was founded in 1982 under the auspices of the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS) of the State of Durango. IMSS Santos Laguna was the first official name of this team, which was founded and hosted in his first season with the Mexican Social Security Institute and that is where its origins.

Since the late seventies, the IMSS organized a national football tournament, with teams representing different parts of the country attended these competitions for five consecutive years, the hometown of Gomez Palacio, a team that won several championships and always left a good impression , this group of players who mostly played on the team, "Asturias" Gomezpalatinian League were represented at the IMSS base for their city.

Jose Diaz Couder, as head of social services in the IMSS Gomez Palacio, was invited to participate in those tournaments without having its own team, drew on the expertise to shape a team, building on the Asturias. Regularly results were good, so the insistence of Diaz Couder with senior management of the Institute to send a franchise of the second division to La Laguna.

In 1982, Tuberos de Veracruz, forming part of the Second Division "B" of Mexican soccer disappeared, giving the franchise to IMSS, one to his collection, as they had several, the most important and Oaxtepec Atlante. That franchise was offered in the last minute to Gomez Palacio, but with time running out and little infrastructure declined to accept and went to Santa Cruz, Tlaxcala, a small town, where Social Security is the resort located in La Trinidad , with a good stage there arose the first Santos Laguna, a name taken by the town, Santa Cruz, its people thus were Santos Laguna.

With poor results, the team only spent a year in Tlaxcala and by the end of 1983 it was resolved that at the end of the season, the team would migrate to Comarca Lagunera.

Jose Diaz Couder, Sports Coordinator of the IMSS in Gomez Palacio, received the news from Professor Lorenzo García González, Director of Soccer Schools and Social Security of Mr. Juan Antonio Carranza, Assistant Director of Corporate Services of the IMSS, so spread Diaz Couder news and chained to the Shire Santos Laguna.

A lack of facilities in Gomez Palacio, began efforts to get Moctezuma Stadium in Torreon, owned by John Abusaid, thanks to an agreement the Saints could have since then his house in the now defunct first Estadio Corona.

The team was taking shape and Juan Manuel Ramírez Meza "Jainel" was the one who started with workouts, however they do not have "license" to lead in professional football, had to resort to Don Grimaldo Gonzalez, but did not have his naturalization could run as a foreigner in the lower divisions and that was when Fernando Zamora came to be the coach of the team, sitting just a few days before the start of the tournament.

The only reinforcement that came with experience as a professional was the harrier Carlos Gonzalez, who had debuted years ago with the Green Wave, old equipment neighboring towns, the rest of the players were those who represented the IMSS Gómez Palacio for years. With the aim of spreading the sport and health, the Santos team began recruiting players from the region and enrolled in professional football to establish a new circuit between the second and third divisions that the Mexican Football Federation called "II B" . Short has won 3 championships.

Second Division "B"

On September 4, 1983 the Warriors played their first game with his name Santos Laguna, winning 2 goals to 0 against the Second Division Bachilleres with annotations Leobardo Avalos and Jose Luis Hernandez. A year later, on July 8 and being champions of the Second Division "B", the Warriors defeated in the final of the Champion of Champions at the Autonomous University of Querétaro in the two games by a score 1–0. Both teams reached the Second Division "A ".

Second Division "A"

Santos Laguna changed owners, when the IMSS decided to get rid of all the professional clubs, so entrepreneur harrier Salvador Necochea Sagui bought the club. Warriors in their first year in the Second Division "A" fought to save himself in the league for non-drop, which succeeded thanks to 3 wins, 2 draws and only one defeat, the players featured were William "The Clash" Galindo, Carlos González[disambiguation needed ], Julio Cesar Armendariz, Tomas Moreno and Fernando de la Rosa.

In 1985, the Guerreros earned the nickname after the campaign began with bad results, changed technical and managed to reach the 10° position of the table, not just that the fans began to grow in number and also achieved have its own stadium when the owners bought the old Estadio Corona.

In 1986, there were several changes to the team, previous first coat was replaced by the current shield the idea was the then owner Salvador Necochea, the latter was first played in the uniform settlement in green and white stripes and third at last a league ranked by the rise when 4 dates to finish the regular season defeat to Santos Laguna Tepic by a score of 1:0 and gets the lead in the Second Division "A".

In 1987, the Guerreros returned to be leaders and scored again at 4 days to finish the regular season, however, despite only having lost a home game in the tournament Santos Laguna went back to the shore in their struggle to ascend to the Mexican First Division.

Of the 18 founding clubs of the new professional circuit in the Second Division "B", only two made it to the first division, the Correcaminos UAT and Santos Laguna. Although the Roadrunners as monarchs of the second, moved up 87–88, after eight seasons of staggering, fell to the new branch promotion dubbed Primera A, which is still struggling to return.

Instead, the Guerreros arrived at the maximum circuit for the purchase of the franchise Angeles de Puebla and justified his rise over time because not won on the field becoming 15 years in a successful club it is today.

Early years in First Division

First Santos Laguna squad in 1st Division.

Santos Laguna was promoted in 1988 to buy the franchise of Angeles de Puebla and although it was not sporting manner as warriors with reinforcements Wilson Graniolatti, Martin Zuniga and Miguel Herrera gave a good image in the Cup Tournament with 3 wins, 4 draws and one defeat. Santos Laguna in this tournament began with a tie at 1 as against Atlético Morelia, and scoring the first goal in the first division Lucas Ochoa. Warriors in the hands of Carlos (the banana) Ortiz would be saved from falling, when, thanks to two goals from Miguel Herrera, Santos Laguna defeated Atletico Potosino 3:1 Potosino in Week 34.

In 1991, the company Grupo Modelo became majority shareholder of the club. That same year would mean one of the saddest for Santos Laguna when Roberto Matos save the Warriors in the last round thanks to a miraculous 0:0 tie against Atlético Morelia, young Ramon Ramirez also make his debut in First Division scored in the Chivas de Guadalajara. In late 1992, the club gets hit very hard by the death of its president, Armando Navarro Gazcón, who perished along with his wife in a car accident.

In 1993 begins the ascent sports club with the arrival of President Alberto Canedo and Chilean coach Pedro Garcia, who after finishing the 1991–1992 season indicated to the local press newspaper Noticias El Sol de La Laguna continue only on the computer if you gave players to be within the top 10 in Mexico and it was. There was a strong investment between Ruben Martinez stressed reinforcements who arrived after being crowned three-time scoring in Chile and achieved the championship in the Libertadores Cup in 1991, the Recopa Sudamericana in 1991 and in 1992 with the Chilean Colo-Colo, Antonio Apud (who was injured in his right knee before his arrival but I get to wear the Argentina jersey.), Daniel Guzmán, Olaf Heredia, Diego Silva[disambiguation needed ], Héctor Adomaitis (a young man who came to be a stranger and national football eventually became a benchmark of soccer in the Comarca Lagunera) and Richard Zambrano, who joined the players who came from the second division as Guadalupe Rubio and Pedro Muñoz. This season was achieved for the first time qualifying for the playoffs in the first division and reached the final in their tenth anniversary of the foundation, which lost in overtime to Tecos UAG.

Current years

Champions of Clausura 2008

In the Clausura 2007 season, Santos was in grave danger of being relegated to the Primera División A along with other teams Querétaro and Tigres UANL. Despite having bought several important players such as Oswaldo Sánchez, Daniel Ludueña and Vicente Matías Vuoso, the team lost five games of their first seven. However, the team managed to keep a steady pace and scored 22 points during the season. They were benefited by the "20/11 rule", which made Querétaro lose three points for not using enough players under 20 years, 11 months. Thanks to this, Santos remained in the Primera División. Not only did they save themselves from relegation, but they made enough points to play the repechage. There they would face the preferable San Luis to whom they had lost the 1st leg 1–0 at home, but miraculously came from behind and won the 2nd leg 2–0, thus eliminating San Luis. In the quarter finals, Santos would lose to the champion of the season, Pachuca in a global score of 2–2 eliminating Santos for the positioning on the table.

The Apertura 2007 season was a much better season for Santos leaving them first place on the regular season standings, eliminating Monarcas Morelia with a global score of 5–2 in the quarter-finals, but they were defeated by Pumas UNAM with a global score of 5–4 in the semi-finals.

Clausura 2008 Champions

In the Clausura 2008 season Santos would come out champion by defeating Monterrey in the semi-finals with a last minute goal, and finally Cruz Azul by an aggregate score of 3–2.

Christian Benítez celebrating with team

Torneo Bicentenario

They were runners up on this tournament. They played after the FC Toluca. On the first game, the final score was 1–1 with a goal of Vicente Matias Vuoso. On the second game the scored was tied 0–0 and on the penalty kicks, Santos was 2 penalties ahead of Toluca, the ones that scored the penalties were: Lacerda, Chato and Ludueña, what Santos only neded to do was to score a goal and the championship was for them, but Vuoso tried to get the goal in the left but was far of the goal, then toluca scored, then Morales did the same than Vuoso but for the right side, the penalty kicks were 3–3, then Arce failed the shoot, and the Toluca scored, leaving the Santos in the second place.


Santos Laguna currently play at Estadio Nuevo Corona, which holds 30,050 people. The new stadium cost $100,000,000 USD. Construction started on February 22, 2008. On November 11, 2009 the new stadium opened its doors hosting a friendly match between Santos Laguna and Santos FC, of the Brazilian Série A. The sold out crowd included Mexican President, Felipe Calderón, and Brazilian legend, Pelé. Santos Laguna won 2–1.


On December 9, 2010, Santos formed a partnership with Scottish giants Celtic.[2]


Invierno 1996, Verano 2001, Clausura 2008
Runner-up (4): 1993–94, Verano 2000, Bicentenario 2010, Apertura 2010

Current squad

For recent transfers, see List of Mexican Football Transfers Summer 2011. As of June 9, 2011[3] Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Mexico GK Oswaldo Sánchez (Captain)
3 Colombia FW Carlos Darwin Quintero
4 Mexico DF Jorge Iván Estrada
5 Mexico DF Aarón Galindo
7 Mexico MF José María Cárdenas
8 Mexico MF Juan Pablo Rodríguez (Vice-Captain)
9 Mexico FW Carlos Ochoa
10 Argentina MF Daniel Ludueña
12 Mexico DF José León Hoyo
13 Ecuador FW Christian Suárez
14 Mexico DF César Ibáñez
15 Mexico MF Jaime Toledo
17 Mexico MF Rodolfo Salinas
No. Position Player
18 Argentina DF Santiago Hoyos
19 Mexico DF Rafael Figueroa
20 Mexico DF Osmar Mares
23 Panama DF Felipe Baloy
24 Mexico FW Oribe Peralta
25 Mexico GK Miguel Becerra
27 Mexico DF José Antonio Olvera
28 Mexico DF Carlos Adrián Morales
29 Mexico FW Juan Carlos Enríquez
32 Mexico GK Julio González
46 Mexico MF Arnulfo González
65 Mexico FW Alonso Escoboza

Out on loan

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Mexico GK Milton Aguilar (to Alacranes de Durango)
Mexico DF Alejandro Martínez (to Lobos BUAP)
Uruguay DF Jonathan Lacerda (to Atlas)
Mexico DF Jorge Barrera (to Correcaminos)
Mexico DF Juan Pablo Santiago (to Tijuana)
Mexico DF Uriel Álvarez (to Puebla)
Mexico DF Jorge Alberto Campos (to Albinegros de Orizaba)
Mexico DF Juan Carlos Arellano (to Leones Negros)
Mexico MF Diego Armando Esqueda (to Leones Negros)
No. Position Player
Mexico MF Francisco Javier Torres (to Atlas)
Mexico MF Miguel Zepeda (to Leones Negros)
Mexico MF Pedro Javier Jiménez (to Irapuato FC)
Ecuador MF Pedro Quiñónez (to Emelec)
Mexico FW Agustín Enrique Herrera (to Veracruz)
Mexico FW Daniel Guzmán Jr (to Veracruz)
United States FW Gustavo Ruelas (to Jaguares)
Mexico FW Joaquín Reyes (to Celaya)
Mexico FW José Rodolfo Reyes (to Estudiantes Tecos)

Notable players

Club records

Jared Borgetti 189
2 Mexico Vicente Matías Vuoso 94
3 Chile Rodrigo Ruiz 59
4 Argentina Daniel Ludueña 54
5 Ecuador Christian Benítez 51
6 Mexico Héctor Altamirano 37
7 Mexico Johan Rodríguez 31
8 Argentina Héctor Adomaitis 30
9 Honduras Juan Flores 29
10 Mexico Gabriel Caballero 27
  • Players in bold are currently active with Santos Laguna
  • Players in italic are still active but are not currently with Santos Laguna
Jared Borgetti 311
2 Chile Rodrigo Ruiz 293
3 Mexico Carlos Cariño 251
4 Mexico Pedro Muñoz 241
5 Mexico Héctor Altamirano 237
6 Mexico Vicente Matías Vuoso 226
7 Mexico Adrian Martinez 223
8 Mexico Johan Rodríguez 204
9 Mexico Jorge Alberto Campos 194
10 Mexico Miguel España 187
  • Players in bold are currently active with Santos Laguna
  • Players in italics are still active but not currently with Santos Laguna
  • All goals and appearances correct as of April 30th, 2011
  • All goals and appearances counted for the domestic league only.


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